Estefany Onofre

The Great depression


The great depression stared on the October 1929.

The stock markets were estimated to loans.

On March 1930 over than 3.2 million were unemployed before the October crash

People stared to get desperted for jobs and to get groceries.

It took almost a long time it use to be 91% of there taxes but then it wend down to 70% not much better with that economic.

Key Person

Herbert Hoover was important on the great depression. He was the presendent at that time. He was one the reason why the great depression. He own money because the war world 1. He try to plan to help the people with no jobs been homeless. He cut off taxes and ask for help form there country and had go to there churches.


March 1930 Poeple strated to get unemployed

Jaunary 1931 Texas congressman Wright Patman introduces legislation authorizing immediate payment of bonus funds.

November 1932 President Roosevelt took charge of the great depression won hoover with vote of 22.8 million