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Creator of Pepsi

  • Caleb Davis Bradham was the creator of Pepsi
  • made a soft drink, a healthy drink
  • people drank the drink because it was good
  • created in 1889 at Bradham's Pharmacy
  • created in North Carolina
  • made to improve digestion


  1. small pharmacy, wasn't well known
  2. moved into a bigger building Bishop Factory, worth 1 million dollars
  3. business went down, sold business, back to pharmacy, retired 4 years later
  4. now a great business, gone back up, makes more than 1 million dollars per year
  5. it wasn't known world wide back then now it is


Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

Fun Facts

  • makes more than 1 million per year
  • used to be 5 cents for 2 bottles
  • used to be used as medicine
  • got the name Pepsi from the Latin word pepsis, means indigestion
  • made to help digestion
  • originally called Pepsi-Cola