Hilton Head Island

Down in South Carolina

The Beautiful Beaches

Hilton Head Islands has many beautiful beaches the beach is my favorite part there. The island is only 12 miles long and 5 miles wide but the perimeter is all beautiful beaches. 2.5 million people visit the beaches every year. The wind is best for flying kites there every time I go to the beach I see over 300 kites per day. One of my favorite parts is spotting dolphins the dolphins come really close to the shore sometimes you can even pet them.
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Shelters Cove

Shelters Cove is a small outdoor mall and marina. They have many good restaurants,shops and really cool concerts. There is one statue of King Neptune that you can climb on his trident or climb Neptune. One of my favorite restaurants is called the Kingfisher it serves really good seafood and they even have a stage for live music.
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - Your Perfect Vacation Destination