Help End Animal Cruelty

By: Bella Souders

Why should you help this cause?

Everyday more and more animals are being killed, abused, or neglected. This cause will help those poor animals that are too weak or scared to fight back, possibly help give them a new, safer, loving home. You can help give those animals a chance to actually live their lives, free from fear. You can help stop animal cruelty.

Animals are people too

Animals are living things, they have feelings, they hurt, they have rights. If you even have the decency to neglect them, hurt them, or nearly kill them, then you're a monster. Why get an animal or pet if you aren't going to care for them properly or love them fully? Why do that to them? It's not fair to them or you.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Imagine being in their spot. Scared and alone. You probably wouldn't be able to trust many people because the people you loved more than yourself, hurt you. It seems that today people don't think about how the animal must feel, when an animal like a dog is abused it may be a way of getting anger out. People leave helpless dogs on the streets to die, or chain them and leave them outside for days, maybe even without food or water.

End Animal Cruelty and Fighting

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