From Jillian and all the animals

Wiggy, Pipy, Buster.......

We love you!!!!!!!!

Jillian: I love you! Thank you so much for taking care of me. I know it is hard to be around me sometimes. I don't blame you. Me and the animals love you!

Buster: Jillian is right! I love it when you pet me. Thank you for caring about me! Oh, and thank you for getting me a lot of beds.

Wiggy: Oink, Oink! Jillian: That means " I love you too!". Wiggy: Thank you for feeding me every day! I love it when you give me num nums.

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Melissa, Buster.........

Melissa: Thank you for adopting me! I love it where you live!!!!!!!

Buster: Oh, I forgot I love it where you live also!!!!

Jillian: Thank you for everything you have done for me!!!!!!

Pipy: Thank you for feeding me everyday!!!!! I love the num nums you give me!!!!!!!

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From Jillian, Buster, Melissa, Cinderella, Caily, Bailey, Missy, Rags, Miller, Shaman, Annie, Jenna, Lily, Molly, Justin, Wiggy, Pipy, Emmett, Kayka,

Jillian: Happy Mother's Day!

Buster: Meow!!!!!!!!

Jillian and the animals: Thank you so much for what you do for us! Happy Mother's Day! We love you!!!!!!!!

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