How Food Flows

Cost Control


When you receive products, note that this is an immediate increase in the inventory you must account for. Check to make sure every thing is in good condition before sending it to the next stage. Your product is money and you can't let one rotten tomato spoil the whole bunch. Also, never do an inventory check while receiving products or data can get mixed up causing calculations of the food cost percentages to be off.


After purchasing and properly receiving an order, store the product. Poor storage procedures and facilities can increase food costs due to waste and increased labor costs, so it's important that operations create good standards for proper storage. Make sure employees are following core procedures, and let the more experienced workers check periodically on the quality of products.


When preparing foods, make sure employees aren't being too wasteful of the product. The more waste thrown away increases the potential of money lost. Make sure your employees are taking action by following food safety procedures like wearing gloves for TCS foods, or something as simple as washing their hands. Cooking temperatures are important as you don't want to serve under cooked food.


Always hold foods at recommended temperatures and lengths. A reputation of spoiled food doesn't bring good business. Make sure all temperatures are correct before serving and take the necessary measures to keep the temp. consistant.