War, Conflict, and Violence

By: Joe Chandler


Violence is when one person or group of people attack another person or group of people with intent to physically hurt them. Violence and war have existed for as far back as we can trace our history. There is constantly a war or conflict occurring at a given time between two countries. These large scale acts of violence along with gang fights, muggings, and other daily occurrences make the world a dangerous place. For example right now the Syrians are being oppressed by their government, as the people rebel a conflict rages in their country. In North Korea the government is verbally threatening non communist countries. Their citizens are forced to join the military and support the cause, causing internal conflict and conflict with other countries. The United States also plays home to violence. Especially in the low income areas of big cities like Huston or Los Angeles gangs are present. They will attack people or other gangs for power, money, or other purposes. There is also domestic violence, violence that happens at home and is usually covered up by the abuser. All countries have violence occur because there are violent people in every country, something the UN wants to change.

Fixing Our Problem

People need to feel there is a safe place to go when there is violence or abuse. It needs to be reported and officials need to do something with the reports. If an example is made that violence is not alright then it will go down. Those people being abused or stuck in the middle of a conflict need to have the feeling that if they go tell someone they will not only get support and help but they will be safe. Many people feel that if they "tell on" the person who is breaking the law then that person will punish them in a way. If all people feel safe and secure reporting these things, if we can keep wars and conflicts from ravaging countries, and if we can help the innocent people living in those countries then we can fix the problem.