Hatchet Fish

The Fish that looks like a Hatchet


This deep sea hatchet fish is a small ray finned fish found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, pacific and Indian oceans at depths from 50 to 1500 meters.

It gets its name from having a hatchet shaped like resemblance, the thorax would be the blade and the narrow part of the body near the tail would be the handle. With eyes that seem to stare into the void, these creatures can grow to be about 1 to 5 inches long. Along the length of their body, the fish have special light producing organs called Photophores, giving them the ability to create their own light using a process called bio-luminescence.

The Hatchetfish has tubular eyes that point upwards and allows them to search and spot for dinner up above. With 45 known species, these carnivores feed primarily on plankton and crustaceans. They have a short life span, living no longer than a year, but not much is known about the life cycle or mating habits of these strange little monsters.

Glowing hatchet fish