June 7 Edition

What a Week!!

You all took our June theme to heart because you set out to #FINDTHEFUN this past week. Whether you sent out packets to potentials (way to go Harle Wehde!) or were ready to reach out to a potential (Jenny Moon!) or you sponsored your first stylist (yea Vicki Christiansen!) you put effort and action toward your business and it shows.

Speaking of ACTION, that is our focus beginning TODAY - Tuesday, June 9th. See below for the details!

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Let's WORK IT!

This week's challenge is all about ACTION because action is where the FUN starts & the MAGIC happens!

1 - Get your WDYK (who do you know) list ready
2. Reach out via FB message, text, phone and personalized e-mail
3. Think of a FUN theme: "Sangria & Style" "Jewels by the Pool" "Java & Jewels" "Margaritas & Must-Haves" "Swing by for Summer Style"
4. Pick out 2-3 open dates for June to share
5. GO FOR IT and reach out! Remember, for every 10 you reach out to, on average you will book one show.

When you have reached out to at least 10 people, message me or post on the thread on our Team Lapis Facebook page. Reached out to 20? FAB! 30? Even better!! Who's in for 40? 50? The more you reach out to, the more entries you get. You have until TUESDAY, June 9. I'll do some fun giveaways--first is this great water bottle 'cause I know we're ALL gonna work it!

Here's a quick sample of what I am sending because I am doing this right along with you--I want 3 more shows for June!

Hey Tracey!

Happy Summer! Hope you are enjoying it so far. I wanted to reach out because we just launched a sneak peek of Fall 2015 (it is fabulous--you'll love it!) and this month hostesses get an extra $50 in jewelry credit. What about a Stella & Dot girls' night for you and your friends? An hour and a half, come and go, jewelry, style and girl time--so fun! We'd have a blast and get you some fantastic summer accessories. Right now I have June 17, 23 & 25 open. Check your calendar and I will be in touch in a couple of days to chat more.

Talk soon!

Super easy, to the point and I have let her know I will be FOLLOWING UP!! This is key!! Stay tuned for tips on following up--and more giveaways!!