Lewis Ledger - Week 9

September 23, 2018

Sunny Heights is where everyone is valued and respected. Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning in a student-centered, family friendly environment.

Week 9 - Daily Focus

As we approach the end of the 1st quarter, it is vital that we continue to focus daily on the basics that build a solid foundation. Routines, expectations, procedures, cooperation, collaboration, reflection, and good communication are just some of the things that will help us grow. Keep up the hard work that is seen and appreciated every day!


Shout Out to all of those coming in early and staying after school to support our students via tutoring, skill groups, volunteer groups, etc. The relationships we build with students go beyond our school walls.

Shout Out to Ericka for bringing a little "love" to many when it really counted. The little things often mean a lot!

Shout Out to our Instructional Assistants for covering throughout the week when we needed additional coverage. Also to those teachers that have had to adjust their schedules, supports, and other sacrifices to help lessen the impact on student learning.

Data Blast

The Wonders Unit Assessments are finishing up. The assessments are lengthy and rigorous, but we should be celebrating the perseverance, grit, growth, and achievement our students show. These assessments will be great preparation for our students on iLearn this year and beyond. As we reflect on our Unit 1 assessments, it's a good time to talk about what we may want to do different for the Unit 2 Assessments.

Attendance Status

KG:97.04% 1st: 95.69% 2nd: 94.71% 3rd: 96.0% 4th: 96.83% SH Total: 96.06%

GREAT news...Student attendance was up over 1/2 a percent this week!! Keep reminding students the importance of being at school EVERYDAY!

Events at a Glance

Week at a Glance - Click on the link to see a view of this week's events (Important PTA events this week!)

Professional Development and Meeting Calendar - click this link to view updated professional development and Wednesday meetings

Remind 101 - here is the link to join our Sunny Heights Remind 101 app for staff announcements

Staff Focus and Action Items

End of Module Assessments - 2nd Notice End of Module Eureka assessments have been completed. Please complete the EOM Data Survey. This data will be important as we work through Edulastic (2nd grade will use Module 2 data). PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY

Parent Teacher Conferences It is hard to believe but Parent Teacher conferences are right around the corner (October 2, 11-7pm)! Forms should be going home with students on Monday (if not already). Our goal is 100%...the value of these conferences is immense as we build relationships with our students and families.

Announced Observations I have begun scheduling Announced Observations for the year. I will need to complete an Announced Observation on everyone by the end of the first semester. I had previously stated that I would send a date and time, but would like to provide flexibility when possible. Please send me a preferred date and time (from 10/22 - 12/7) for your Announced Observation. Everyone has access to my Google Calendar so you can see any dates I may be out of the building. I will send you a calendar invite when I am able to confirm the date. Here is the Pre-Observation Form to be filled out prior to the observation.

Social Emotional Learning Tip of the Week

I shared this article via Twitter this weekend, then had it shared with me by a teacher....very good reminder for all of us of how we set the tone of our relationship with students.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

It is that time of year that we can all feel overwhelmed (there are others!). I have been reflecting on my own feeling of being overwhelmed and began to breakdown which of those things I can control, which I have no control, and which that I can influence. This practice has not eliminated all stress, but it has helped me focus on what is most important for me.

Visuals - Locus of Control #1

"You have dealt with so much, done the best that you can, take a moment now to appreciate how strong you are." - Karen Samalsohn

Resources & Reminders

Tier I Classroom PBIS - Continue to practice PBIS Tier I at the classroom level. Reach out to the committee for questions or clarification. It is very important that we commit to the process and provide consistency for EVERYONE. We will see the results that we are striving for if everyone is committed to being part of the TEAM!

Social Studies & Reading Support - If you would like me to come in to teach a social studies lesson for your class, please let me know a time, day, and topic that would work. Also, let me know if you would like me to come read a story to your class.