Maria Teresa

By: Tyrzah Hamby, Lacie Grindstaff, Madelyn Bryd

What did Maria Teresa believe at the beginning?

Maria Teresa believed that Trujillo was a respectful man that she adored. She also believed that he helped the Dominican Republic. She agreed with his ideas and beliefs at the time, not knowing everything about him. Young and unaware of all of Trujillo's actions, she looked up to him as a role model.

Birth and 1956

  • Maria Teresa Mirbal was the youngest out of the four daughters. She was born on October 15th, 1935 in the Dominican Republic.
  • At the age of ten, Maria went to school at the Catholic Secondary School Inmachulada Concepcion with her sisters.


In 1953, Maria Teresa's father died from an illness he got when he was held captive in jail and tortured.


After Maria Teresa's father died her sister Minerva went off to law school. Maria Teresa soon after that went and lived with her sister Minerva in the city.


Maria Teresa, Minerva, and their husbands were arrested and their husband's and Minerva were tortured. A couple months later Minerva and Maria Teresa were let out of jail, but was still on house arrest.

Death of Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa died on December 25th, 1960 at the age of 24 with two of her sisters Patria and Minerva. They were murdered because of her believes and works against the president. Trujillo ordered the murder of the three sisters. The sisters were coming home from seeing their husbands in jail, when suddenly a car stopped them. It was the secret police which forced them out of the car. The police had beat and strangled them to death. After they beat the sisters, the police put the bodies back into their car and pushed it off a cliff.

What did Maria Teresa believe at the end of her life?

After living with her sister Minerva, Maria Teresa started getting involved with her sister in the underground rebellion. Realizing the negative qualities about him, she started to go against his power and fought against him along with her sisters. They refused to give up on a mission that restored democracy and civil liberties. This was the cause of their death.

Maria Teresa's Saying

"Perhaps what we have most near is death, but that idea does not frighten me, we shall continue to fight for that which is just.."