The Simplifier Product Launch!

The Technology Event of the season!

Our day is coming soon!

Join us in celebrating the launch of The Simplifier, a product we at Innovation Tech have worked very hard on for two years.

Simplifier Product Launch

Saturday, May 21st, 3pm

Innovation Tech Headquarters 200 Park Avenue New York, NY 10166


3:00 - Welcoming Speech

3:15 - Tour of The Simplifier Gallery

4:00 - Simplifier Keynote : Revealing Facts and Answers of The Simplifier

5:30 - Unveiling The Simplifier

5:45 - Simplifier Movie

6:00 - Countdown to Release

6:05 - Banquet & Acknowledgements

Our Amazing Testimonials!

From trial customers who had a chance to use The Simplifer before it will be released