CHS Top Ten News Stories 2012-2013

By Mackenzie Kirksey

10. Old Town Coppell Renovation

Coppell citizens have enjoyed the older side of the town ever since it was established. The charm of simpler times is undeniable. However, the potential for Old Town Coppell to be the next hot spot is great. Renovation plans for the area were discussed, and eventually approved. New restaurants, stores, and outdoor areas are expected to pop up, along with the overall beautification of the area. Although some Coppell citizens are disappointed in the change, there are high hopes that the area will benefit the city in many ways.

9. CHS Film Festival

Some students dream of becoming accomplished film directors. The lure of their work appearing on the silver screen is what motivates them. Every spring, CHS hosts the annual film festival, featuring middle and high school student's creations. Time, dedication, and creativity have been poured into each film submitted. Students gather together to view the creations, and the videos are put in the running to receive various awards such as "Best Cinematography" and "Most Creative". Overall, it is a very fun event and a great way for young aspiring film makers to craft a masterpiece.

8. Presidential Election

Not all students enjoy the topic of politics. Some find it boring and dreadfully argumentative. However, the 2013 presidential election spurred many students to rethink their attitude towards the subject, and develop an opinion. CHS is a host to many different political minds. Many clubs dedicated to discussions relative to current events happening in our nation have been created, which provides a great way for students to gain knowledge. Also, because of the 2013 presidential election, students had the opportunity to politely voice their opinion. Even though most of the student body have yet to reach voting age, it is very important that political awareness is discussed.

7. Prom

The money. The time. The preparation. All of these aspects are what make up Prom, a spring dance that occurs at nearly every high school in America. For some, Prom is just another silly roadblock on their way to graduation. But for others, it is what they have been anxiously waiting for since freshman year. Prom, exclusively for seniors, is an exciting event. At CHS, much attention is put on the dance, with fundraisers and groups put together to ensure a great evening for everyone. Even though many students attend the dance with dates, groups are also common. Prom can get quite expensive, which is why many students choose to not participate in the festivities. However, prom remains a school tradition for seniors to reminisce on for years to come.

6. Bond Election

1. It can be difficult to decide what to spend money on. For citizens of Coppell, they were faced with that very choice on May 11th, aka bond election day. The $79.5 million dollar Bond would go towards building a new elementary school, refurbishing all schools with high-end technological equipment, and updating athletic departments. It is rumored that this coming year, every student will receive an iPad, that will contain textbooks, assignments, and other necessities. The bond election will, without doubt, change the way CHS works.

5. Soccer Team wins State

1. Winning state is one of the biggest goals for any sports team. For the CHS boy’s varsity soccer team, it became a reality. After a successful season, they victoriously took state head on. CHS anxiously awaited the win, and at last it had been conquered. The team was filled with joy and relief, and many would agree that the win was wholeheartedly earned. Each member of the soccer team had put forth their time, effort, and persistence, and it fully paid off.

4. Homecoming

1. With fall in the air, students have their mind on 2 things. Friday night lights, and the annual homecoming dance. At the dance, all the grades form together for a night filled with dancing and mingling with friends. The homecoming attendance is very high, with most of CHS students attending in big groups. With the theme being “Mardi Gras”, attendees were decked out in beads, and the host Dallas Market Hall was complete with green, yellow, and purple balloons and other festive decorations. Overall, it was a successful night, and one to remember.

3. 1st baby powder throwing

1. “I believe… I believe that we… I believe that we will… I believe that we will win!!!” the cheer echoed through the Coppell Cowboys football stadium. On the last “win” chant, hundreds of students tossed up handfuls of baby powder. The effect was breathtaking. Among the billowing cloud of powder, heads bobbed up and down, in a rhythmic sea of cheers. This event is perhaps one of the most well known examples of how incredible the student section at CHS is. Video footage of the powder throw went viral on multiple social media sites, and it quickly became a tradition at home games.

2. Shattered Dreams

1. The CHS juniors and seniors gathered together to witness a program that would impact their lives forever. Shattered Dreams, a student run simulated car crash scene, brought a solemn shadow over the school. To make the scene as realistic as possible, a previously destroyed car was towed into the CHS parking lot, and students that volunteered to participate were decked out with makeup and fake wounds. To complete the program, a care flight helicopter and ambulance were present to whisk the actors away. It was a very heartbreaking, yet powerfully convincing way to get students to be careful while driving.

1. Relay For Life

1. Relay for Life was an event that took place at Wagon Wheel Park in Coppell. It consisted of literally an all night festival, beginning at 7:00pm and ending at 7:00am. Benefitting cancer survivors and research teams, the fest began with an illuminaria ceremony celebrating the lives of those impacted by cancer. The attendance of relay for life was through the roof, with hundreds of people gathering to participate in the festivities. Activities ran throughout the night, such as a group zumba dance session, a silent auction tent, multiple snack stands, and a variety of sport games. Overall, it was a great experience for everyone who attended.