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May 21, 2023

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Dear WMS Families,

Here are some quick announcements for the week:

  • STE MCAS is this week (8th grade only). Students in 6th and 7th grade will be taking their i-ready final diagnostics this week while 8th grade students are taking the STE MCAS. We will mail those results to families with the Quarter 4 final report cards in late June. More information about this is in the newsletter below.

  • WMS clubs and the late bus service will be ending on June 2nd. If students are staying after school after June 2, they need to ensure their own ride home.

  • We are pleased to share that our annual Memorial Day assembly will be held this Friday morning in the gym for WMS students and staff, providing a unique opportunity to honor our local veterans. The assembly will feature a short presentation by some of our talented high school students and ceremonial music performed by the chorus, band. Following the assembly, students will participate in a follow-up lesson during their advisory classes, fostering important discussions and reflections on the significance of Memorial Day. Thank you to Assistant Principal Susan Carle and 8-12 Social Studies Coordinator Kraig Gustafson for coordinating this event for our school community.

  • Please see our latest update from the School Nurse. It has information pertaining to the upcoming 8th grade DC trip and rising 7th grader documentation needed.

Here are dates to be aware of this week:

  • May 23: STE MCAS (8th grade only), final reading i-ready diagnostic (6th and 7th grade), special schedule

  • May 24: STE MCAS (8th grade only), final math i-ready diagnostic (6th and 7th grade), special schedule

  • May 24: Orchestra Concert @ WHS (7-8 PM)

  • May 25: 8th grade final Reading i-ready diagnostic

  • May 26: Memorial Day Assembly

  • May 29: No school - Memorial Day. Tuesday, May 30 will be a day D2 (no Yellow)

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Jennifer Chen Fein, Principal

Ms. Susan Carle, Assistant Principal (Clusters 1, 3, 5)

Ms. Jennifer Sarmiento, Assistant Principal (Clusters 2, 4, 6)

News at WMS

Science MCAS/final i-ready assessments - Tuesday and Wednesday

8th grade WMS students will be taking the Science MCAS on Tuesday, May 23rd, and Wednesday, May 24th, this week.

6th and 7th grade students will be taking advantage of the calmer assessment environment on these days and will take their final i-ready Reading assessment on Tuesday, and their final i-ready Math assessment on Wednesday this week.

8th grade students will take their final i-ready Reading assessment on Thursday this week. They will take their final i-ready Math assessment starting on Friday and finishing up next week.

Statewide testing through MCAS is just one snapshot of a child's academic achievement and growth. This helps schools, teachers, and caregivers know how their children are progressing, and what areas need more support. These assessments are intended to take between 1-2.5 hours, though students are given the entire school day to complete the assessment if needed. We will have an abbreviated schedule of classes after testing on MCAS days.

i-ready diagnostics are one way that our school and district ensures students growth is continuing at the expected and stretch rate. We will also be using these final i-ready diagnostics to inform WIN placement for the beginning of next school year. Please encourage your child to do their best, so that we can help them get what they need.

Here are ways you can help your child do their best:

  • Please make sure your child arrives at school on time on testing days. Students who arrive late may not be able to participate in the test session with their class. They will take that test session on a make-up test day.

  • Remind your child to pack their laptop charger for school, as we will use the laptop more than in a typical day on MCAS days.

  • Ensure a good night's rest (8-10 hours of sleep) the night before each test.

  • Make sure students eat a healthy breakfast that morning. Free breakfast is available every day in the WMS Cafeteria from 7:45-8:30am.

  • Encourage your child to take their time and do their best.

Crossing Guards Needed

The City of Watertown seeks to hire School Crossing Guards to work under the supervision of the Watertown Police Department.

Must be comfortable communicating effectively with school children, parents and drivers and ensure that children cross the street properly and safely.

Must be available to work Monday through Friday, during the school year. Shifts are approximately one hour and there are two shifts per day.

For more information about how to become a crossing guard please contact Sergeant David Sampson at

City of Watertown, MA - Government
Watertown Cable Access Corp
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Previously Shared News from WMS Teachers - Updated May 12

Click on the links below to find updates from your child's teachers. These cluster/class smores are a helpful tool to know what your child is learning. These s'mores will be updated monthly in the WMS Family Smore.

Cluster 1

Cluster 2

Cluster 3

Cluster 4

Cluster 5

Cluster 6

The Specialists



LB Math


Wilson Reading

School Nurse


This fall, when we open our Watertown High School at Moxley, we will be managing pick-up and drop-off for over 1200 students. Middle School and High School start and end times will be staggered to help mitigate the confluence of students. We anticipate that pick-up and drop-off times will be congested and we are encouraging all families to consider alternative options for arriving at the site, including walking, biking, or taking a bus. There will be no student parking in or around the site, and the expectation is that students will not be driving to school.

During the Watertown High School Construction, the building project plans provide for bus transportation to middle school and high school students in grades 6-12 who live .75 miles or more from the Middle School/Moxley site without a fee for students. Students and families who are interested in busing will be required to sign up for busing in the coming weeks, with the expectation that anyone who signs up for busing will ride the bus to school every day and will carry with them their bus pass at all times. No one will be allowed to ride a Middle School/High School bus without a pass. We understand that there will be fluctuations in the number of students riding the bus in the afternoon due to after school activities. It is important to note that we will adjust bus schedules and stops if it is determined that students are not regularly riding the bus.

Regardless of grade or distance from school, all students must register online for the bus each year. Registrations do not roll over from year to year.

There is no fee for Middle School or High School Students who live .75 miles or more from the Middle School during the Watertown High School Construction.


June 12: Registration Deadline

June 30: Confirmation of each student’s bus registration will be emailed to the parent/guardian email address provided on the registration form

Early August: Bus stop location and pick-up/drop-off times will be emailed to the email address provided

All registrations received by June 12th will be will be processed by the WPS Business Office to determine the walking distance. Registrations that are received after June 12th will only be considered if space allows. Bus routes and scheduled pickup times will be determined based on actual ridership.

School Bus Routes

Only students may board the bus. Parents/Caregivers are never allowed on the bus.

Bus routes and scheduled pickup times are reviewed each year and will be determined based on actual ridership. The routes are posted on the WPS Transportation page: WPS Transportation webpage early August, all families whose child(ren) has a seat on the bus will also be sent the route information.

Additionally, afternoon Late Bus service will be provided to Middle School students who are registered for the regular Transportation Program. The late bus will stop at the bus stops of the students who ride the bus on a given day. This service does not start the first day of school; the Middle School principal includes the start date for this in the weekly newsletters.

2023-2024 Middle School Bus Registration Link

2023-2024 High School Bus Registration Link

MBTA for Students

Middle School and High School students may sign up for reduced-fare Student CharlieCards, valid on MBTA buses and subway. There are two types of Student CharlieCards available:

  • Unlimited Pass: This pass offers students unlimited access to the MBTA bus and subway system at a cost of $30 per month. This pass must be paid in two installments: $150 for September through January, then $150 for February through June. Contact the WPS Transportation Office for information on use of this pass during the summer months. If payments are not made when due the card is shut off by the MBTA.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Card: This card works like a prepaid charge card balance. Students can load money onto their passes at any MBTA kiosk. Funds are then deducted from the balance at a discounted student rate of 85¢ per bus ride and $1.10 per subway ride. There is no charge for students to obtain a pay-as-you-go card, but it will come loaded with $0 prepaid, so students are responsible for loading money onto their pay-as-you-go cards.

*The MBTA may change their fees at any time – WPS fees will change accordingly

Pay-As-You-Go Cards are available for pickup at both the Middle School and High School main offices. If you would like to purchase the Unlimited Pass please email: wps_busing@watertown.k12.ma.us


If you have additional questions, please contact us at wps_busing@watertown.k12.ma.us.

Spider Plants for Sale

We are here to tell you that Middle School students are selling spider plants to help raise money for Watertown Week and the DC trip. Our plants are lovely and cared for by 8th grade students in Ms. Rix’s class. Our plants are fresh, healthy, and very pretty. They are also not expensive; they are only 6 dollars each. The plants will add more inspiration to your house or classroom and have students be more welcomed in class with the beauty of nature.

Click this link to order a fresh, pretty plant.
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Opportunities for Parents/Caregivers To Get Involved

Principal Coffee Hour - June 1, 8:35-9:25am, WMS Cafeteria

It has been wonderful to get to know caregivers through our Principal Coffee Hour Series this year, and we have one more coming up in June.

June's Principal Coffee Hour will focus on next year's schedule and the impact of WHS. Join us on Thursday, June 1, from 8:35-9:25am at the WMS Cafeteria. Coffee and a light breakfast are provided. Caregivers of students currently in 5-8th grade are invited to attend, just enter through the WMS main entrance on Waverly Street, sign in to get a visitor's sticker, and head to the cafeteria.

Here are previous topics from this year:

March: What does the shift towards more equitable grading practices at WMS mean for my child?

April: School safety, opportunity to meet school resource officers and other members of the Watertown Police Department

WMS Diversity Night, June 1, 5:00-7:00pm, WMS Cafeteria

Our school is proud to celebrate our diverse community with our first annual WMS Diversity Night!

This special evening will be a showcase of the many different cultures, traditions, identities, and backgrounds that make our school such a unique and wonderful place. We believe that diversity is a strength, and that everyone has something valuable to contribute to our shared human experience. Clubs, student groups, families, and individuals are all encouraged to sign up to host a table. Please use this form to sign up.

Dates for upcoming WMS Diversity Council meetings:

4/27 (7:30pm virtual)



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Diversity Council - June 8

The WMS Diversity Council meets once a month in the evenings, and more regularly after school so students can be included.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, June 8 virtually, at 7:30pm. We will be focusing on planning and hosting an in-person event that celebrates the diversity of our school, as well as actionable steps outlined in the district equity audit taken last school year. Any and all are welcome to join.

Reach out to Sarah Seldomridge at sarah.seldomridge@watertown.k12.ma.us with any questions or to express interest.

School Site Council (SSC) - June 13th

The WMS SSC meets once a month on the first Tuesdays at 7:00pm, virtually.

Our next and final meeting for the school year has been rescheduled to Tuesday, June 13th, 2023.

We will be finalizing the 2023-2024 School Improvement Plan, reflecting on this year, and planning for next school year. Here is the agenda.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) - June 14

The PTO meets virtually on the second Wednesday of each month, and the next meeting is on Wednesday June 14 at 7pm. Reach out to the PTO President Erin Macomber at erin_macomber@neds.org with any questions or to express interest.

Information from our WMS Community

Watertown Food Drives

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News from the Watertown Recreation Department

Friends of Watertown Recreation,

Our Department of Recreation Spring Programs begin on Monday, May 1.

Watertown Recreation Spring Brochure - 2023


The Pequossette Summer Program Documentation and Registration Packet is included.

Pequossette Summer Recreation Program Packet

Please follow the directions in this packet and register online.

In addition, these forms must be filled out and returned to the following address: recreation@watertown-ma.gov. The forms are fillable.

A current physical is also required with immunization records.

Website: www.recreation.watertown-ma.gov

Facebook: watertownrecreationdepartment

Instagram: watertownrecreation

Twitter: watertownrec

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Regular WMS Reminders

Waverly doors open at 7:45am, Bemis doors open at 8:15am

Thank you caregivers for remembering that students are welcome to come to WMS starting at 7:45am through the Waverly main entrance. Due to increases in safety protocols, we are not able to open doors earlier than that moving forward. In addition, parents that are dropping students off in a car need to drop students off on the Bemis entrance from 8:15-8:30am, rather than the Waverly entrance. This helps keep traffic flowing smoothly for Watertown.

The WMS Learning Lab - extra help available at school

Is your child looking for ways to get extra help with school? The Learning Lab is available in the WMS library M-F from 7:45-8:15am and M-Th from 3:00-4:15pm. Late buses run M-Th.

Attendance Reminders - call the main office before 8:30AM to report a student's absence

In the event that a student is absent, a parent or caregiver must call the absence hotline at 617-926-7783 before 8:30 a.m. Please state the name, grade, homeroom of the student and the reason for their absence. In the event that the absence is not reported, a Robocall will automatically go out to the student’s home or the place of employment of the parent or caregiver to inform them that the student is absent. Students are responsible for working with their teachers to make up work they missed while absent.

Check out page 26 of the WMS Family Handbook to see all of our attendance procedures in more detail.

Upcoming Dates

  • May 23: STE MCAS (8th grade only), final reading i-ready diagnostic (6th and 7th grade), special schedule

  • May 24: STE MCAS (8th grade only), final math i-ready diagnostic (6th and 7th grade), special schedule

  • May 24: Orchestra Concert @ WHS (7-8 PM)

  • May 25: 8th grade Reading I-ready

  • May 26: Memorial Day Assembly

  • May 29: Memorial Day - No School

  • May 26: ISP/LSP Walden Pond FT (9-2:30)

  • May 26:Arabic Field Trip (10:15-2:15)

  • May 31: CL 4 Field Trip to Met Waterworks Museum (9-2:30)

  • June 1: CL 3 Field Trip to Met Waterworks Museum (9-2:30)

  • June 1: Principal Coffee Hour - next year's schedule (8:35-9:25am, WMS Cafeteria)

  • June 1: Diversity Night hosted by the WMS Diversity Council (5:00-7:00pm, WMS Cafeteria)

  • June 1: WMS Band Concert

  • June 2: Last day of WMS clubs and the WMS late bus

  • June 5-9: 8th grade Washington DC Trip/Watertown Week

  • June 5: Band/Orchestra Students Field Trip to Cunniff (8:30-10)

  • June 6: WMS School Site Council (7:00pm, virtual)

  • June 8: Diversity Council Meeting (7:30pm zoom meeting)

  • June 9: Band/Orchestra Students Field Trip to Hosmer/Lowell (8:30-10)

  • June 12: 6th grade Canobie Lake Park Field Trip

  • June 14: PTO Meeting (7:00 PM virtual)

  • June 15: 8th grade semi

  • June 16: Last day of school (half day for students)

  • June 16: 8th Grade Awards Ceremony/Graduation

  • June 23: Quarter 4 Report Cards mailed home to families

  • Watertown Public Schools Calendar 2022-2023

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WMS School Spirit Shop

WMS apparel is available in a variety of styles for women, men and youth with a variety of color and logo combinations. A portion of the proceeds go to the WMS PTO to help fund activities and enrichment opportunities for students throughout the year.

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