Karl Marx

By Nick Zaruba


Born in (1818-1883), to a lawyer in Rhineland city of Trier. Karl Marx then went to a university aiming for a law degree and then changing it to professorship in philosophy. He became a teacher of revolutionaries.

10 facts

1. He believed that people would live in brotherhood and harmony.

2. He believed that sociol order was based on the production of economic goods.

3. He says that how goods are exhanged create peoples social class.

4. He states natural recources should be shared by the populus not by private people.

5. He wrote a 800 page manuscript on capital.

6. He syas all societies are based on how they distribute the wealth.

7.He said that schools in captital places will just help the rich.

8. He thaught that capitialism will always fail.

9. He published the communist Manifesto.

10. He says that the social class that you are born into defines who you are.