Welcome to California

Are you ready for a change?!

All about California!

In California there many jobs like farmers, railroad track workers, house cleaners and much more. if you are new to California, we have some dust storms. If you are a new Californian, you may get valley fever. But don't let that scare you because there is a big social life and many jobs to get!

Tips for how to survive school

Tips for surviving school! Famous sports too!

There are some some basic things that you may need to survive school. Always come prepared and do your homework. Also study to get good grades and always be nice to everyone. Also be very careful when leaving and coming to school because you never know who is outside of the school.

Tips for starting conversation!

  • Introduce yourself! : Hi my name is (say your name) What is your name?
  • Ask what they like to do for fun! : Hi I am (say your name). So what do you like to do for fun?!?
  • Talk about local news!: Hey I am (say you name). Did you here about (say something that like drama from the news)
  • Ask a question: Hi i am (say you name) Where did you get that outfit?
  • Compliment : Hi I am (say you name) That outfit is really pretty!


  • Baseball/softball = L.A Angles
  • Football = San Diego Chargers.
  • Soccer = California Golden bears
  • Basketball = Sacramento Kings

Famous Restaurants and Their Ratings! Also Famous Musical Groups/Singers!


  • Michael Mina = 5
  • Jitlada= 4.8
  • The Bazaar 4.5
  • La Taqueria 4.1
  • Gjelina= 4

Famous Singers and Groups

  • One direction
  • Katy Perry
  • Demi Lovato
  • Taylor Swift

Resources for Newcomers and Popular Websites/Games!


  • Minecraft
  • Apple
  • YouTube
  • Amazon

Resources for Newcomers

  • Obviously you will need food and water!
  • Also you need new awesome clothing!
  • You also will need somewhere to live!
  • Don't forget you need a bed to sleep on!

Some Fun places to visit in California!