Substitute Plans

Mrs. Karas' 5th Grade ELA Class


Thank you for being here and taking the best care of my class today! My name is Candice Karas (pronounced "care-us"), and I appreciate that you are ready to jump in and help. I hope this page provides all you need in order to survive and thrive in my class today.
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To Do {ASAP}

  1. Log in to the laptop with your username (eNumber) and password. If you experience any issues with this, please contact the Technology Help Desk at ext. 8260 or Lauren Wurman at ext. 8212.
  2. Read the lesson plans provided (scroll down and click "*Karas 5th ELA Lesson Plans). If I knew about this absence in advance, you'll see the date(s) of your job in red at the top of the page. If this absence was a last-minute occurrence, the date on those sub plans will not be correct, and you should click here to utilize my emergency lesson plans. In either case, please familiarize yourself with the schedule and lesson.
  3. There is a green safety bag on the back of the door with instructions for emergencies. Please take a moment to review the procedures for fire, weather, and lockdown situations. Maps are located on the wall next to the door; please make sure to review the routes for evacuation and weather-related incidents.
  4. Scroll down on this page to read the expectations and procedures to familiarize yourself with the way we normally do things in this room.

Schedule + Lesson Plans

Click inside the white box below (next to the world icon) to access my substitute plans. Remember to check and see if the date at the top is accurate; if it is not, you'll need to utilize my emergency lesson plans.

If you have a hard time getting the link below to work, you can copy/paste this into your browser: (That link is case-sensitive, so there should be no capital letters if you have to type it in.)


Please let me know how your day went so I can follow up with students accordingly regarding both the lesson and behaviors. To complete the Substitute Feedback Form, either click the teal button below or copy/paste this link into your browser: -- link is case sensitive, so please be sure to capitalize ELA if you're typing it in!

Other Helpful Information

  • Behavior expectations
  • Classroom jobs
  • Class procedures
  • Copy/laminator instructions
  • Extra time (and need something to do with the kiddos)? Click here
  • Map of the school with markings of particular places you might need throughout the day
  • Projector instructions
  • Seating charts (cannot be posted online due to privacy, but you can find them printed and in the ________ folder located _________________).
  • Technology help

Emergency Situations