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TIP: Google Chrome and Startup Tabs

If you are like me I have anywhere from 6-8 tabs open in Chrome all the time. Did you know that you are able to set which tabs open when your first go into Chrome? So, if you open the same tabs every morning or anytime you go into Chrome watch the video below on how to set your tabs to open on start up.

NEWS: WiFi Upgrade Coming

As we all know technology is always evolving and changing. During Christmas break we will be upgrading our entire WiFi to WiFi 6. WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi and it will prepare our network for use by future devices which are starting to be built with WiFi 6. You can find out more about WiFi 6 here: What is WiFi 6?

This project, which in funded through USAC's E-rate program, was scheduled to be done this past July but like many other industries right now procurement of materials has been a huge issue. So we are waiting on our shipment and hopefully we will be ready to roll in December.

As part of this project we will be replacing all our access points in both buildings. I will also be building out a Guest WiFi channel. A Guest WiFi channel is a best practice and allows for separation of district personnel and guest internet traffic. This is for the safety and security of all of us on campus.

TIP: Google Adds 60 New Fonts to Docs and Slides

Goggle has added a bunch of new fonts to Google Docs and Slides. To get the new fonts you first need to add them to your palette by opening the fonts dropdown menu in a Doc or Slide and selecting More fonts (see images below). This will open a panel where you can quickly search for fonts. To add to “My fonts” at the right, simply tap on them in the main list. Find out which fonts have been added here: New Fonts
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TOOL: Interactive 3D Periodic Table

For our science Teachers. Check out this new 3D periodic table rendering. The table allows you to view the elements characteristics, highlight by properties and it provides a link to search each element. Pretty cool!

TIP: Phishing Emails and Schools

School districts are increasingly becoming targets to ransomware attacks. Please continue to be diligent about what you open in your Email, links your are clicking on and documents you are downloading. Below is a video that provides a great example of a phishing attempt and what to look for when vetting your emails.
Spotting a Phishing email - nine examples - A real phishing email is shown by Chris Menard

The NOISE of School

I came across this video and I thought it might give us all some perspective as we move forward this school year. I know it made me think a little. Enjoy!
The NOISE of School
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