Mrs. Cole's Column

Monday, September 21, 2015

What's happening this week in Room 512!


Unit 4 - Multiplication

  • Monday- 5-2 Multiplication and Arrays
  • Tuesday-5-6 Two and Five as Factors
  • Wednesday- 5-7/5-8A Ten as a Factor; Multiples of Ten
  • Thursday- 5-8 Nine as a factor
  • Friday - Real World Problems

Please encourage studying math facts every night this week. We have our Math Fact Mastery time test this Friday. Some students need to study addition, subtraction, or multiplication.

Social Studies

We will begin our Social Studies curriculum with chapter 1 - Communities.


We are continuing our Writing Unit - Narrative Writing. We will be focusing on the traits of Ideas and Conventions (punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences)

Standards being worked on: 3.W.3.3 Write narrative compositions in a variety of forms that-

  • establish an introduction
  • include specific descriptive details and clear event sequences
  • include dialogue
  • connect ideas and events using introduction and transition words
  • provide an ending


Unit 1 Week 5:

  • Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions
  • Comprehension Skill: Main Idea and Details
  • Genre: Expository Text (Non-fiction)
  • Vocabulary Skill: Multiple Meaning words

This week's spelling words (uploaded to Scootpad):

  1. soak
  2. float
  3. folk
  4. window
  5. slope
  6. loaves
  7. scold
  8. growth
  9. bowl
  10. note
  11. coast
  12. gold
  13. show
  14. program
  15. goes


  1. carve- to cut something into a shape
  2. clues- hints that help solve a problem or a mystery
  3. grand- great or large
  4. landmark- an important building, structure, or place
  5. massive- very, very large
  6. monument- a building, statue, or other object made to honor a person or event
  7. national- has a characteristic of or has to do with a country
  8. traces- small bits or signs left behind that show that something was where something else

Riddle of the Week

What has a single eye but cannot see?

The first person to give the answer to Mrs. Cole will receive some $!


Math homework packet due Friday, September 25

Reading homework Tic-Tac-Toe due Friday, September 25

Reading assessment Unit 1 Week 5 - Friday, September 25

Math Fact Mastery time test - Friday, September 25

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