TOPS Training

21st Century Technology in the Classroom


  • Social media designed for the classroom
  • Promote collaboration among students
  • Easily communicate information or assign work
  • Students can submit assignments right in Edmodo!
  • Set ground rules beforehand
  • No Email Address Needed
  • Send home Parent notification sheet with students ahead of time


  • Online Brainstorming and Note Sharing
  • Share your notes with students so they can have access anywhere
  • Test student knowledge
  • Students collaborate on same popplet
  • Student can use the popplet app on their device


  • Super easy and eye appealing presentations
  • No Technical training necessary

Student Safety

If a student does not have an email or facebook account to register an account on Popplet or Smore and you want them to create one you MUST

  • Get permission from their parent or guardian beforehand
  • Have access to their login information for monitoring
  • Provide login information to parent or guardian for monitoring