Fun in the Sun!

Katherine Minielly

Clearwater Aquariam: Day 1

Come see the movie star Winter the dolphin! You can also see otters and many other marine animals for you marine lovers!

Regina Wreck: Day 2

Come and see this sunken ship Regina. It sunk while carrying molasses and got separated from it's tugboat.
Regina Shipwreck Freedive (Best One Yet!!!!)

Lion Country Safari: Day 3

Monday, April 22nd, 12pm

Lion Country Safari Rd

Loxahatchee, FL

Come drive through this fun filled adventure! Have fun driving through the roads of a safari adventure. There are many animals located at this attraction so why can't you party with them?

Laura's cuban Reastraunt: day 4

Come and eat some homestyle cuban food! This reastraunt is made for you to feel at home.

Art Walk: Day 4

Come to this fun artwalk in downtown Hollywood! You will hear the sound of the flowing jazz saxaphone to. There is regional and international art!

Everglades national Park: Day 5

Taks a ride on an air boat ride and learn abour the rich and deep history of florida when the seminole and the panthers lived in these lush swamps.