Southern Colonies

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland

North Carolina

  • Founded by the eight lord proprietors. King Charles II wanted to expand settlement that's how we came to be .
  • Naval store sells tar, pitch, and turpentine.
  • Government proprietary and Royal
  • Big population made up of Virginians English settlers
  • Neighbors are the Cherokke and Tuscora we had many problems with them because we took their land
  • Religion Anglican

South Carolina

  • Founded by eight lord proprietor. King Charles wanted to expand the settlement.
  • What are famous for indigo was purple dye and rice
  • Proprietary and royal
  • Small population
  • Cherokke and Tuscaror Indians where the closest neighbors had problems because English took their land
  • Anglican


  • Founded by John Smith to find the Northwest passage
  • Cash crop tobacco
  • They were a corporate government and then became Royal
  • Small population English settlers
  • The Powhatan Indians trouble for land
  • Anglican


  • Founded by Lord proprietor
  • Cash crop tobacco
  • Government proprietary
  • Small population Roman Catholics English and British
  • Yoamoco Indians they had no troubles the people purchase the land
  • Religion Anglican


  • James Oglethorpe in 1733 The idea of creating a defense of buffer zone for South Carolina
  • Cash crop was rice
  • Government royal by King George
  • 12 prisoners from London
  • The upper Creek tribe no problem they trade with them
  • Religion Anglican