Forensics Anthropology

By: Derek Tomlin

what is forensics anthropology

Forensic anthropology is the practice of the science of physical or biological anthropology. Physical or biological anthropologists that specialize in forensics mostly focus on the human skeleton.

what do forensic anthropologists do?

forensics anthropologists recover and locate of human bones. also, forensic anthropologists try to find the age, gender, and special features of the skeleton.


date: unknown

This man's remains were buried without autopsy after a house fire because his death was considered accidental. Evidence obtained years later led to exhumation of the body to determine whether the death was a homicide. Was the dwelling set on fire to disguise a murder? After a series of tests the anthropologists were able to find out that it was a European male 40-145 years old about 5'9" and he was most likely stabbed to death

what degree do you need?

Upon the completion of a Ph.D. in physical anthropology and working in the field for a number of years, both as an apprentice and then as an independent forensic anthropologist, many forensic anthropologists pursue certification through the American Board of Forensic Anthropology.