Common Core State Standards


What is Common Core??

Common core is....

"Building on the excellent foundation of standards states have laid, the Common Core State Standards are the first step in providing our young people with a high-quality education. It should be clear to every student, parent, and teacher what the standards of success are in every school" (

Common core was created to allow for students to be able to think critically and prepare them for college and career.

48 states have adopted the Common Core in 2008 and Arizona was one of them. Currently that number is now 45, Arizona recently adapting the Common Core and calling them Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.

Throughout the implementation of Common Core, there have been proponents and opponents to the cause each having a stance on why the standards should/should not be implemented.

Democrats, Republicans, Parents, Teachers, Businesses, all have taken some stance on the topic and are speaking up for what they believe.

Common Core Parent/ Expert dialogue.

The Rhetoric Behind

Enthymene, Arete, Metaphors, Pathos, Ethos, Logos, Deliberative, Eristic, Subordinate Relativism:

The rhetoric behind the pieces is reflective in the journals, article and standpoints as well the message that the speaker is trying to convey.

Many examples of rheotric are being used. I feel that some proponents are taking a more subordinate relativism approach to education in that they want students to analyze and apply to core academic content.

Opponents of the standards make it feel more eristic as an attack on the educational foundation.