Bill Gates

By: Janos Kisvari

What made Bill Gates well known?

For creating the software company: Microsoft.

Three things that helped Bill Gates to be successful

  • Bill was allowed to code on computers while at school. From this he learned BASIC coding, the most common and helpful coding.
  • Before Bill made Microsoft , Bill and three of his friends made the lakeside programmers group. They got hired at C-cubed. Bill and his friends learned COBOL coding and got plenty of practice.
  • Bill always got good grades in math. This later helped him as a problem solver.

Three important things to Bill Gates

  • Paul Allen; Paul Allen is a life long friend of Bill Gates and cofounder of Microsoft.
  • IBM; IBM is the company that paired up with Microsoft to create the IBM PC. This Personal computer at the time was wonderful and improved the reputation of both by a great amount.
  • C-cubed; C-cubed is the first hired Bill Gates and got him into business.

5 interesting facts about Bill Gates

  1. Bill Gates read an entire set of encyclopedias by age 9.
  2. He is left handed.
  3. When a kid, he wrote more than 30 pages on a 4 page essay.
  4. Gates got a perfect score on his math SAT.
  5. Bill was accepted into Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

Some life lessons learned from Bill Gates

  1. Take any possible opportunities.
  2. Plan ahead.
  3. Think outside the box.

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