moon and tides facts

By:Jabari and Levi


there are  many diffrent tides such as high tides,low tides,spring tides,and neap tides .Tides are caused by the moon.Neap tides are when the diffrence between high and low tides occur.2 high and 2 low happen each day.

moon and tides relationship

The moon is a satellite that orbits the earth and has its own gravitational field.This is strong enough that it affects the earth, specifically water in the ocean level results from the moons gravitati onal field pulling as it moves in orbit around the earth

moon phases

last quarter- one half of the moon appears to be illuminated by direct sunlight.waxing gibbous-The moon appears to be more than one-half but not fully illminated.full moon-the moons illuminated side is facing the earth.first quarter- one half of the moons appears  be illuminated by direct sunlight.

patterns cycles

There are the same pattern because as the moon phases go the tides go also.

what if we did'nt have a moon

Tides wouldnt even be caused and no moon phases would happen if we didnt have a moon