Class of 2021

Class of 2021- Mr. Bonds February 2020

Welcome to the Tri Cities High School's SMORE for 11th Grade

Hello, I am so excited to be working with the class of 2021, Bulldog Nation! This year Juniors are having a blast with Town Hall meetings, PBIS celebrations, check-ins with their counselor and building relationships with their teachers. I have enjoyed the energy and growth I have seen over the last few years from all my students. I have challenged each of my students to grow in their academic abilities and to get involved in the high school experience and many have taken that challenge. It has been so awesome to watch all of my students grow and become academic scholars. My goal is for them to continue to push through obstacles and strive for excellence.

Mr. Bonds

Mission Statement

The Tri-Cities Community will Lead and Inspire each other to be our best selves by being COMMITTED, INNOVATIVE, OPTIMISTIC and SERVICE MINDED in our Academic, Artistic, Athletic and Personal Endeavors in a safe and secure environment.

Some of my amazing students!! There are a few in here that I taught in the 5th grade!

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Monthly Parent Teacher Conference

Please join us for our monthly parent teacher conferences held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. At this time you can meet with teachers, counselors, administrators and other school staff.
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Brand New Year, Brand New..You.

As we move into 2020, take this time to reflect and consider the variety of ways in which you can improve yourself, assist others and achieve your goals. Reflecting and talking to yourself about how you can improve is how winners win.
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Advocate for yourself ! Ask for help !

What to do if I am failing a class.

  • Ask the teacher for extra help.
  • Email your teacher.
  • Attend after school tutorial.
  • Look for resources online.
  • Study with a friend.
  • Ask your teacher for extra help.
  • Go to your counselor for advice.
  • Ask your parent to contact your teacher.
  • Have your parent come to our monthly parent conference.
  • Ask your teacher for help.
  • Ask another teacher who teaches the same content for help.
  • Go to your grade level administrator for advice. Discuss all the ways you have attempted to get help.
  • Never give up!

Celebrate Black History Month 2020

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Career Expo 2020

Thank you to all our partners, parents and students who participated in Career Expo 2020!!
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Bulldogs Don't Bully !! February 3, 2020 -- February 13, 2020

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Excellence is not an option

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The Pursuit of Excellence!

Please help me to recognize these outstanding scholars, for their awesome achievement on the Georgia Milestones Assessment.:

Zaniyya Calhoun

Tristen Chatman

Stephanie Magos-Rojas

Giovanna Nkweuti

Murphy Barker

Carmen January

Madison Jarrett

Stephanie Magos-Rojas

Jordan Williams

Luis Buenrrostro

Lorena Salas

Maria Trinidad-Martin

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Education is step one of your plan !!

To be successful, you must be in school !

  • If absent please bring documentation. (Illness, death in family, legal reasons, religious holiday)
  • If you miss more than two blocks in a day, that is considered a whole day absence.
  • A letter is sent home to parents at three and then five unexcused absences.
  • After five unexcused absences a Truancy Referral to Juvenile Court is considered.
  • Multiple tardies may equal absences.

Whats Happening in the Dog House?

Tri-Cities Magnet VPA program is excited to host the 2020 District Five Large Group Performance Evaluations (LGPE) Site A. This is a three day event. We have 45 schools participating for this site and the evaluations are scheduled from from 9 am to approximately 3 pm daily.

Shout out to all of the 11th grade team for awesome results on the Write Score Assessment. We showed growth in every single class!

We are now in the process of preparing for our Milestones Assessments in April, please check back for links, tips and strategies to be successful on the assessment.

Stay Connected February 2020

  • 11th Grade is currently organizing our college trip for early 2020. This will be an opportunity to visit and experience a variety of colleges.
  • Have you signed up for Mr. Bonds REMIND? Please see the QR codes in the hall.
  • Down load the TCHS School App from your local App store and stay connected.
  • Discipline is down and school spirit is up, thank you 11th grade! I got a surprise for you all !
  • Alg II, need extra help? See Mr. Bonds or Ms. Buist. Tutorials are on Wednesday each week with Ms. Turlington.
  • What are you doing after high school? Have you met with Ms. Green yet? The time to plan is now.
  • Tips on applying to college...
  • Vaping? Are you kidding me?...
  • Milestone Standards and resources to help you succeed....
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Events, resources and information.

Thank you for staying connected with us. Please be reminded of our dress code and attendance which is located in our Student Handbook.

11th Grade Behavior Expectations

Ww expect for all students to behave themselves in such a way to facilitate a safe and secure learning environment for themselves and other students. The standard is for all students to respect themselves and each other and to obey the behavior policies adopted by the Fulton County Board of Education and those specific to Tri-Cities High School.

  • Be Present (Every day, Every Block, On Time)
  • Be Engaged ( Set Goals, Ask questions, Attend Tutorials)
  • Be Involved (Join at least one Club or Sport)
  • Be Your BEST Self (Be a Leader, Not a Follower)


3:50 pm – 5:00 pm

  • Mondays – Fine Arts/CTE/PE
  • Wednesdays – Mathematics/Social Studies/World Languages
  • Thursdays – ELA/ Science