Class of 2021- Two Months Left!

Mr. Bonds/ April

A Note From Mr. Bonds

OMG!! Class of 2021, were down to the wire, the time is now! Recover those I's, make up those low grades, Lets go !! I remember visiting some of you in 8th grade!! Look where you are now, awesome! Are you ready for Senior Clearance?

Students it is critical that you graduate, this is step one of your plan for life. Whether you go on to college, work or additional must have that High School Diploma.

Class 2021 Lets Go !!

Mr. Bonds

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Family, the parent portal provides access to information that includes your child's grades, attendance, assignments and school announcements. Infinite Campus Portal for Parents

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Visit the TCHS and FCS website for the following parent resources, updates and links.


  • What will instruction look like this Fall? Daily instruction will be delivered synchronously, meaning live and in real time, by teachers through Teams. Students are expected to complete all coursework assigned by their teachers, and expected to attend online synchronous sessions . Attendance in those sessions will be recorded in Infinite Campus by the teacher.
  • How will I receive communication from my school? In addition to calling parents, TCHS will post updated information on our school app, school website, and send emails to students. It is urgent that students use their email address assigned by Fulton County Schools.
  • What do I do if I need technology assistance?Students may call the Remote Learning Hotline at 470-254-2300 to ask technology related questions or to report device failure. The Hotline staff will set up appointments for device swaps and power cord pick up.
  • Who do I contact if I have general questions? You may email or call any member of your 2022 Support Team which includes: any of your teachers, your guidance counselor-Mrs. Green, your Assistant Principal-Mr. Bonds, your social worker- Mrs. Winkles
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Advocate for yourself ! Ask for help !

What to do if I am failing a class.

  • Ask the teacher for extra help.
  • Email your teacher.
  • Attend after school tutorial.
  • Look for resources online.
  • Study with a friend.
  • Ask your teacher for extra help.
  • Go to your counselor for advice.
  • Ask your parent to contact your teacher.
  • Have your parent come to our monthly parent conference.
  • Ask your teacher for help.
  • Ask another teacher who teaches the same content for help.
  • Go to your grade level administrator for advice. Discuss all the ways you have attempted to get help.
  • Never give up!

Stay Connected Online 2020

Senior team and some of my amazing students!!

FCS is providing free meals !!!

Fulton County School Nutrition will continue to serve nutritious and safe student meals while schools are virtual.

The FCS FoodStop drive-thru model will be utilized to distribute weekly meals at school sites throughout the district. The FCS FoodStop provides an opportunity for families to drive-up and pick up Grab & Go meal packages for students.

Each FoodStop location will service students from specific feeder schools. Tri-Cities High Schools students will pick-up meals from Tri-Cities School. FCS FoodStop sites will be open on Wednesdays from 11:00 - 1:00.

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Education is step one of your plan !!

To be successful, you must be in school !

  • If absent please bring documentation. (Illness, death in family, legal reasons, religious holiday)
  • If you miss more than two blocks in a day, that is considered a whole day absence.
  • A letter is sent home to parents at three and then five unexcused absences.
  • After five unexcused absences a Truancy Referral to Juvenile Court is considered.
  • Multiple tardies may equal absences.


It is important to know that behavioral expectations for students are still in place during our Universal Remote Learning environment, and we encourage families to review the 2020-2021 FCS Code of Conduct Handbook as there are several changes.

Potential rule infractions in a virtual learning environment include, but are not limited to, harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, technology offenses, disruption and insubordination. Please note that code of conduct rule violations can also occur in the community or when using social media inappropriately. It is important that the school is notified of any student behaviors that negatively impact the school or virtual learning environment. Furthermore, incidents of harassment, racial slurs, bigotry, derogatory comments, physical harassment, ethnically offensive behaviors or any threats of harm to others will not be tolerated and will be taken very seriously. Depending on the nature and severity of the offense, the District’s response may include disciplinary consequences up to and including long term suspension/expulsion from school. Please note any behavior that violates the FCS Code of Conduct Handbook will be addressed through our district’s discipline process.

Below are some potential discipline responses that will be utilized in the Universal Remote Learning environment include, but are not limited to, the following:

Parent Conference Suspension from synchronous learning

Restorative Practice Conference

Loss of Privileges

Virtual Drug Education Program I

Impact Lesson or project

Suspension of club/extra-curricular activities

Loss of Graduation Ceremony/Prom Suspension upon return to school

Long-term suspension/Expulsion

Please know that we are committed to ensuring that all our students feel safe and ready to learn and will be providing students guidance, resources and support. Thank you for your partnership in teaching our students behavioral expectations and standards of conduct while in a Virtual Learning Environment.


12th Grade Behavior Expectations....Online or in class, be your best.

Ww expect for all students to behave themselves in such a way to facilitate a safe and secure learning environment for themselves and other students. The standard is for all students to respect themselves and each other and to obey the behavior policies adopted by the Fulton County Board of Education and those specific to Tri-Cities High School.

  • Be Present (Every day, Every Block, On Time)
  • Be Engaged ( Set Goals, Ask questions, Attend Tutorials)
  • Be Involved (Join at least one Club or Sport)
  • Be Your BEST Self (Be a Leader, Not a Follower)