Come On Out & Get Your Vote On!!

To Register

* You must be at least 18 years or older

*Have to register to vote

* Have to be a citizen

* Have to live in the following state to vote

Voter Behaviors

    • People who Vote:

      • Resident of the state
      • U.S. Citizens
      • Registered
      • age 18 or older

      People Who Don't Vote:

      • People with a felony
      • Voting requirements not met
      • Haven't registered after changing residences

Steps To Vote

Register to vote

Go to a polling place

Fill out the ballots

Cast in your vote

Straight Vs Split Ticket voting

Straight Ticket Voting

* Voting for an entire party

Split ticket Voting

*Voting for some candidates from one party and some from another

Ballot Fatigue

* Ballot fatigue is when there are several names on a political ballot, and voters choose to ignore some candidates when there are too many choices.

* When ballot fatigue occurs, a number of people get tired of reading the different names, and they choose the one's closest to the top of the list.

Voter Information- List/ Amendments

  1. Amendment 15 - African American males allowed to vote
  2. Amendment 17- Ability to directly elect our senators
  3. Amendment 19- Women could vote
  4. Amendment 23- Vote in D.C.
  5. Amendment 24- Ended poll taxes
  6. Amendment 26- Voting age went from 21 to 18

Timeline of Events

  1. 1870: Fifteenth Amendment- Prohibits denying a person's right to vote on the basis of race.
  2. 1920: Nineteenth Amendment- Guarantees women the right to vote.
  3. 1957: Civil Rights Act of 1957: Justice Department can sue to protect voting rights in various states.
  4. 1964: Twenty-Fourth Amendment- Outlaws poll tax in national elections
  5. 1970: Voting rights act amendments of 1970- lowers the minimum voting age to 18 in federal elections.