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Monday 29th April 2013

Do you USE technology or INTEGRATE it?

I came across this interesting picture below on www.edudemic.com. Some good points to consider! How many comments on the right hand side would reflect your classroom practice?

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Espresso subscription

We have had the Espresso subscription for many years at JSD. While there are some good resources on the website, it is becoming dated. The subscription cost is roughly a third of the annual ICT budget. From the ICT survey I issued in September your responses indicated that Espresso is not used very often. Taking this into account and the fact that we have the opportunity to develop our iPad use in classrooms, I will not be renewing the subscription. The Gogglebox section on Planet Sherston has a number of relateable resources, including videos, and I am currently investigating other avenues for news reports. I am aware that this may not be popular decision for everyone but I believe that we can make better use of the other online subscriptions we have and use the Espresso money to fund some new and exciting resources.

Newsletter reminder

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Just for fun

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