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So for those of you who are new, the announcement that DOUBLE POINTS for glam in March is a GAME CHANGER! I have seen people earn the trip during a double points month. It is that HUGE. Every single person on this page can earn this beautiful diamond necklace this month....and I promise they are 100 times more gorgeous that this picture. SO here is my plan. I was shooting for 5 shows this month, so I am DOUBLING that goal to 10 shows. I was hoping to bring along 2-3 new stylists this month, so I am DOUBLING that to 6. Double points + double the effort= more than doubling your chance to earn diamonds and Costa Rica. Let's pretend like it is November for sales (the biggest month of the year) and January for sponsoring (the biggest sign on month of the year). Who is IN? I have ONE solid March show right I have my work cut out for me. Today is going to be ALL about booking my March. Spring break starts on the 25th so I am going to book every single free date I have in the meantime. DECLARE your DOUBLE goal for booking and sponsoring (GO BIG) and let's do it together. Someone who signs up today could earn this trip if they blow out their march. WHO IS IN???


EARN January 21st - August 31st, 2016

Level 1, 30,000 points - Extraordinary Necklace!

Level 2, 50,000 points - Extraordinary trip for one!

Level 3, 80,000 points - Extraordinary trip for two!

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Create a plan and GO FOR IT!!!

You would surprised at how many first time earners there were in Jamaica....over half of the women there were new stylists who had never earned the trip before. They ALL said that they wouldn't have thought it was possible until someone told them they could do it. Tracking was KEY, as was taking advantage of double points! YOU can do this. Just picture yourself wearing your gorgeous diamond necklace on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Now make a plan and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Booking Words to SAY!

Hey Connie - So nice seeing you again at Cheryl's on Friday night!! I hope you love your new S&D goodies - love what you picked out!! Those are 2 of my favorite necklaces!!

Since you love the S&D collection and liked the idea when we quickly spoke about you being one of the first to show your friends the new collection - let's get a date on the calendar! We have incredible new tunics launching - see below - and of course amazing new bags & jewelry etc!! I'd love to come show you and your friends - so easy and fun to plan and my average hostess earns $300+ in FREE accessories so you can't beat it. What do you say? My calendar is filling up but here are a few day & night options: Perhaps a "Java & Jewels" Coffee Openhouse on Wed. 3/9 10-12:30pm or a St. Patty's Day themed show "Luck of the Stylish" on Tues 3/15 or Wed. 3/16 7:30-9:30pm - - or if you want to gather friends after work - how about a "Style Makes Me Happy Hour" on Fri. 3/18 6-8pm? Fun excuses to gather your friends and so easy to plan.

I'd love to get your thoughts. I'll check in with you on Friday to see which date works best. Talk then... xo Kelly

Anyone who books and qualifies 4 MARCH TRUNK SHOWS, will go in the drawing for this gorgeous clutch below!

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What about a Mother Daughter trunk show for spring break gear?

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The Key is to reach out!!! I am cheering you all on!!!! XO, Kelly