The Kristallnacht

Have you ever wondered why the Nazis always hated Jewish people?Since the Nazis disliked the Jews,they decided to break into the Jew's houses and ruined their belongings.Which is now called the Kristallnacht.So this whole thing started because a Jewish teenager assassinated a Nazi diplomat.Ever since then the Nazis thought all Jews were bad.So overall the holocaust,Kristallnacht,concentration camps,etc. all started because of one person's wrong doing.

So lets go back about the Kristallnacht.So the Nazis disliked the Jews so much that they killed them,broke their houses,and changed their lives forever.So this all began because a Nazi diplomat was assassinated by a Jewish teenager.During the Kristallnacht the Nazis wrecked,burned,and or broke Jewish owned stores,Jewish owned houses,and synagogues.Ever since the assassination of Ernest Vom Rath (Nazi diplomat),the Nazis ever since thought that all Jewish people were bad.The Nazi diplomat was assassinated by a Jewish teenager named Herschel Grynszpan.So all the damage that the Nazis caused was very severe.They had to rebuild new houses,store,and synagogues that the Nazis destroyed.

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The Nazis broke into Jew's houses and ruined their belongings just because the Nazi's didn't like the Jews.So ever since Herschel Gryszpan (Jewish teenager) killed Vom Rath ,Nazis started not liking Jews.After that irresponsible choice of killing Vom Rath,the innocent Jews were killed or hurt.So overall the Kristallnacht started all because of one teenage boy killing a Nazi diplomat.A Kristallnacht is when the Nazis invade a Jew's store,house ,and or their synagogues and destroy or burn them.So in all that time period in the past was very tragic and we wish it never happened.