Planning Nutritious Meals & Snacks

By Victoria Smtih

Importance of Breakfast: Healthy Choices

1.) A toaster waffle with strawberries & instant hot cocoa made with milk

2.) Ham & cheese on an English muffin with carrot sticks & grapefruit

3.) A blender shake (made with milk & sliced fruit) & whole-wheat

Why Is Breakfast Important

Breakfast is important because it enhances physical & mental performance, helps control weight, & helps you avoid mid- morning hunger.

Guidelines For Smart Smacking:

1.) Pick nutrient- dense, lower- fat snacks from the five food groups, such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, or lean meat

2.) Fill in food- group gaps with nutrient- dense food group snacks

3.) Avoid higher- fat or high- calorie snacks, such as candy bars

4.) Time small snacks for two to three hours before mealtime

5.) Use Nutrition Facts labels to compare snack choices

Explain Why Each Snack Is Healthy

Each snack is healthy because you're getting everything in your MyPyramid that you need to remain a healthy body & your getting your nutrition.