A simple way to capture and share moments with the world.


This report talks about Instagram. It's a social network, a mobile application and a free website created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 to share images and videos of 15 seconds.

I have chosen this topic because currently Instagram is a social network very popular and used by people of all ages, and also it's my favourite app.

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I think that Instagram in general is a great app to upload photos and use daily to see others. It has got a lot of advantages.

The main positive aspect of Instagram is that it's totally free. Furthermore this application is available for android and apple. Also, you can put your profile private or public and you have the option to block a specific profile. You can talk and send photos by private message. Your photos can be edited with effects, frames, etc. so that pictures look more attractive. Everybody knows that you can tag people and group photos through #hashtags, it's a heavily used option. It lets keep in touch with distant people or from other countries. You can find and follow your family, friends, celebrities, etc. and see they are doing or where they are. Instagram is possible to link with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, among others.


However, there are some disadvantatges. One of them is that it can be unsafe because there are users who don't use it correctly or upload inappropriate content. Also there are many false accounts. Another negative effect of it is that from the computer you can't upload anything or see notifications. Generally speaking, Instagram spends many megs too if you aren't connected to a network. Furthemor photos aren't sorted and you can't organize by categories.


To conclude, I think that Instagram is a very good and useful app. It has more positive than negative effects. Finnaly, I would recommend people to use this app because it's a good way to share photos and comment it with your friends, but always making a proper use.

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I hope you like it :)