Raymond's Run

Tony Cade Bambara


Raymond's Run is a short story about a young girl named Mary Louise Williams or "squeaky" who has a passion for running and has to take care of her brother named Raymond she gets into a fight with another girl named Gretchen about who is faster so in the end they race at the may day race and "squeaky" wins but she realizes that she needs to focus more on her brother so she may decide to retire and coach Raymond so he can carry on the family tradition.

Main Conflict

Mary Louise doesn't like Gretchen ,but in the end they become close after the big race because of the passion for running that they both share

An inference I made

I infered that Raymond was special needs because all the other children run around as they please and Raymond is older than Mary Louise but she still has to watch after him.


A theme for Raymond's run could be do what you love doing but family always comes first.

the author

Toni Cade Bambara was a writer, editor, and a teacher. Her first book was in 1970 and it was titled "The Black Woman: an Anthology. A trend for this author is race because in Raymonds run it mentions being a little poor black girl.


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