France in the 19th Century

Carley Daniel & Kizzy Riley

Arranged Marriage

During the 1800's in France, marriages were arranged for economic security. People were married in their same region and economic class.


Education of a aristocrat is different than the rest of society. For an aristocrat education is a very important element in their life, even more than money. They had very nice clothing and homes because they liked to showcase their wealth.


The french Bourgeoisie were the people who lived in the city, like merchants, craftsmen, doctors, chemists, teachers, and most men were in the military. The bourgeoisie lived lavish lifestyles, their leisure was surrounded on recreational eating and drinking. Education was very important to the bourgeoisie. Children were persuaded to attend a university and would receive the financial support from their parents. They had different wardrobes for each occasion like church, weddings, parties, and everyday life.


They worked low paying jobs and their only significance was being able to work. They worked as servants, in sweatshops, and on farms. They didn’t eat much but many suffered from alcohol abuse. They had no education, their only skills was the ability to work.