Classroom Tech-- Let's Wrap it up

Get your student devices cleaned up for summer!

In this newsletter:

- clean up the Google Drive (for all devices)

- clear the camera roll, sign out of apps, reset data in apps, clear the camera roll (student iPads)

- coaching videos are for you or for students... show the video in class and pause as your students go through the steps.

PRO TIP-- read all the headlines to see what information you need! Don't miss something!


First, two announcements---

1. You may update your iPad iOS now. Student iPads can (and should) be updated now to the most recent 11.4 iOS version. Be aware that it may take up to 30 minutes.

How? Open SETTINGS, tap SOFTWARE UPDATE on the right side, then follow the directions.

2. Teachers of 8th graders-- Please, if you haven't already, share with your promoting students how to save any Google Files they want to preserve by downloading them, or moving them to a personal google account (this should be done on a non-school device at home or library etc.)

Class of 2018-- Google Takeout or Drive Migrator Steps

Remember-- Google accounts of promoting students may be deleted as early as June 30, 2018

File Management in Google Drive (for all teachers)

Whether Chromebook or iPad, students should do two things---

  1. rename or delete any "untitled documents" and
  2. store all their files in a folder for the year. This can be a newly created "Mrs. Hoppe 6th grade folder" (I mean, use your own name and grade...) OR (if you use Google Classroom) you can have them move files into the Classroom folder.
Goal: no file left untitled or in My Drive

This will make sure they start next year with a fresh "My Drive" view-- and it will start teaching good file management skills to students.

This video has demonstrations you can share with students, and teacher tips at the end.

Spring Cleaning in Google

Archive Class in Google Classroom

From the screen with your classroom tiles, choose ARCHIVE from the 3 dot menu.

This means you can still access posts to reuse them next year, but they won't show on your main tile page and students will not be able to post in the classes any more.

Please archive your class so your students will have a fresh page next year.

Not sure? Feel free to email me!


iPad teachers

In addition to file management in Google Drive, there are a few more ways to prepare your iPads for new students. Watch this video--- see how to rename Google files and move them into folders, how to save photos before clearing the camera roll, how to sign out of Google and Seesaw, and how to reset progress-storing apps, if you can.

The key is to think about the apps you use, then consider what you need to do to get them ready for the fall. As always, let me know if I can help with anything!

Spring Cleaning for iPads

Printable Reference Guide

Go through screenshots with your students and let them help you with cleaning up! Or show a few responsible students... do what makes the most sense for you.

But do take time to get iPads closed out for the year so you can start fresh in August.

End-of-year protocols for student iPads

Click for a google Doc of steps to follow


COAST PD IS OPEN ALL SUMMER! Get your learning on!

Click here for more information

Get ready for prizes when school starts again! I will approve tasks once a week-- I hope. I mean, I'm on summer break, too, so I might forget the day of the week. :)


July 27-- California Teacher's Summit

Free and awesome! Let's show our #hesdpride and have a strong presence at this event!

Click here to sign up:

Sponsored by many advocates of public education, including Cal State Universities and the CA Dept of Education, this teacher focused conference is part TED Talk, part EdCamp, and totally awesome! It is also free, and right in our own backyard! Hope you can join us at CSU Channel Islands for a mid-summer teacher refresher! #CAbettertogether


Don't forget, email will be merging over the summer

IMPORTANT-- take time now to clean up your inbox in your exchange AND in your account.

ESPECIALLY if you don't use your because I bet you have junk you can just throw away! (That trashcan icon can be your best friend!)


Finally--- remember to lock all plugged in devices in your cart, then choose your favorite Gerry Brooks video
Summer break etiquette...


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