The Destruction of Tornadoes

Weather Disasters

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According to the Newsela article “Which Would You Rather Face?”, hurricanes and tornadoes are both very dangerous storms to face (2013), but there are some differences. Preparation for both storms is different since people have several days to prepare for hurricanes, but with tornadoes, there’s usually just a matter of minutes to prepare. This could make tornades more likely to cause fatalities. In addition, even though many people on coastal water expect hurricanes ⅔ of Florida residents don’t have an evacuation plan for a hurricane (2013). This means that more people need to think ahead more to prepare. Another important difference to consider is that the duration of hurricanes is much longer than tornadoes, but even though tornadoes are active for shorter periods of time than hurricanes, they can still do significant damage. However, hurricanes can be active for days on end. The sizes of the storms differ since the biggest tornadoes are not more than a few miles wide, but hurricanes can cover hundreds of miles, causing damage such as power outages to more people, many times for weeks before repairs( “Which Would You” 2013). Additionally, tornadoes cause heavy rain, but because they last for a shorter time than hurricanes, they cause less flooding than hurricanes. In conclusion, these two storms have some major differences.

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Tornado Engulfed by Fire Caught on Tape | Good Morning America | ABC News


This video clip is fascinating because it captures real footage of the rare phenomenon of a fire tornado in Australia! It was on the ground for 50 minutes!