Clone City

Just a cell today and have a clone on the way!

Do you have bad credit? DO YOU WANT A CLONE?!

Clone City is you're one stop shop to get the best clones in you're price range! We can a accommodate any needs you may have. And recently we have made parades to our clones! Not only can you get a clone of yourself but we also have,

  • Celebrity clones
  • Stupid version clones
  • Super smart version clones
Anything you can think of!

Come to Clone City now!

  • We have many surrogate mothers waiting to have your clone!
  • (972) 214-1800
  • *We are located right off exit 130 on the George Bush Turnpike*
(cloning side affects may lead to, evil twins, world domination due to cloned cells becoming cancerous, cannibalism, mutations, bankruptcy, headaches, fainting, crazy looks, over population, and many other problems and diseases. Clone City is not responsible for any unwanted reactions. cpoyright 2014 #sydneyjones Industries inc.)