Software Developer in Applications

"Creativity is just connecting things".

Tasks and working conditions.

There are many tasks involved in this job such as testing software and validation procedures. You would also develop databases for websites and such. And you would also modify and correct existing software that has errors in the code. And yo would also have to develop specifications for certain computers and layout out the programing.You would also have to analize users needs and customize their software to optimize performance and meet their specifications. The working conditions in this job are really good to. You would be working in well-lit clean spaces. And you would be working in a computer lab at a desk most of the time. You would need a good computer if your work place doesnt supply it for you because you would be using computers most of the time while you work.

Required education and yearly pay.

For education you must have a Bachelors degree or above to qualify for this job and its reqemended that you have a degree in two of the following, computer science, software engineering, and math. The yearly pay differs between states so i cohse Michigan to show the yearly range of pay and the hourly range of pay. For hourly it differs between $24.08 and $55.12. For the yearly pay it differs between $50,080 and $124,660. There are better pay outcomes out there but i chose Michigan for my reasearch.