News flash Tobacco is THE WORST

The reality of tobacco

By: Anndrea and Mykiah

How tobacco effects your social life

Tobacco can affect the social part of the health triangle by making you smell. The smell can irritate a lot of people even some of your friends. It may also result in gum cancer which would not look great for a picture. Tobacco can also make your voice crack enough that maybe others won't be able to understand you.
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Physical affects of tobacco

Some physical affect of tobacco use is when people have to have surgical removal of their larynx.It can also cause them to be unable to do fun things with friends and family.Their use of tobacco could cause an addiction.Physical affects of tobacco can also cause your lungs to blacken. It could also make age faster.

Mental and emotional health while using tobacco

You could think badly of yourself because of the people not wanting to hang around you. This could lead to sever suicidal thoughts.

The dangers of tobacco

Some of the dangers of tobacco are there are really bad health risks such as lung cancer. You may also have to get your kidney removed. There is also a chance of you getting cancer. There is also a chance that your wounds will take longer to heal.