Wallace v. Jaffree

1984- 1985

Court Case- Separation of Church & State

Wallace v. Jaffree court case was first argued on December 4, 1984. The man of the name Ishmael Jaffree, started complaining to the school that he did not support the "moment of silence" and for the fact his three children attended the school. The prayer time at school was forced on every child and when Jaffree children did not participate they were humiliated in front of the class. During the court case, it was brought up to show how the state of Alabama was not following the constitutional law and to not make children pray or stay silent before school work. On June 4, 1985 it was finalized by Warren E. Burger (Chief Justice) with a vote of 6-3 that students are not obligated to pray in school and Jaffree was favored for this reasoning.

In todays schools some still hold a moment of silence and prayer as for seen in Georgia. It is the states choice to hold it or not and the fact that it should be up to the student and their families religion. I believe it should be up to them and if they do not believe in it then we should not force it. You can not take situations lightly anymore like back in the day because one word said to someone can make a big change good or bad.

Warren E. Burger

Chief Justice
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