Hoboken High School Weekly Update

January 27, 2023

Greetings Redwing Families,

This week our students in grades 9-11 have been sitting for the LInkIt Benchmark B assessment. It is imperative that students focus and try their best on this exam as it provides critical data on standards and skills in which students need remediation. From what I can see all students are demonstrating growth in critical standards. Great Job!

As you know, our 11th grade students will be sitting for the New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment beginning March 15th, and this is a graduation requirement for the Class of 2024. A graduation requirement for grade 9 is the NJSLA. All 9th grade students will sit for the NJSLA beginning May 15th. The LinkIt Benchmark Assessments are closely aligned to both of these exams, which is why the data collected is so critical. If you wish to know more about these assessments, please reach out to me.

Mr. Munoz and the student government will be taking on Bayonne High School's student government in a charity volleyball game on February 3. The winning team gets the proceeds and can donate to a cause of their choice. When HHS wins, the student government has decided to donate the proceeds to the Hoboken Public Education Foundation (HPEF).

Please see Ms. Miller's letter below regarding auditions for the upcoming Spring musical

SpongeBob. Auditions begin in February.

Lastly, I wish to address student lunch periods to ensure a safe and orderly lunch. During your child's scheduled lunch period, they have the option of eating lunch in the cafeteria, on the 2nd floor café tables, the student center game room, or student center meditation room. These are the designated areas where I have supervision. Students are not permitted to wander the building, eat in stairwells, or sit in the hallways. These areas are unsupervised, and are off limits during lunch. In addition, only 12th grade students are permitted outside lunch privileges. Underclassmen can bring their own lunch, or a parent/guardian may drop off lunch. Deliveries are not permitted. If a delivery comes, the food will be confiscated and will not be returned until the end of the day. Please understand, I do not permit delivery persons in the building.

Ms. Picc

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In the History Elective Class, "Holocaust, Genocide & Modern Humanity," students are learning about the “Stories Behind the Name," a virtual exhibit that is presented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Students are exploring the website, observing photos, watching videos and learning the very personal stories of survivors, victims, bystanders and other witnesses of the Holocaust. As Holocaust Remembrance Day is Friday, January 27, which was the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, our students are creating class poems from the stories that they are reading and are reminding us to never forget what happened. Below is one of those poems created by the students during class this week.

We Must Remember

We must remember because if we don’t, hate wins,

because if we don’t remember, these stories of heroism and bravery will die,

because if we don’t remember when the whole world fought to stop evil, then evil laughs.

We must remember to honor the innocent lives lost due to such an awful human,

We must remember to know the warning signs,

We must remember because the people who were killed would want to know that their lives mattered,

We must remember so we can know what hate looks like so we can stop it in its tracks,

We must remember because behind millions of deaths, there are millions of stories to learn from,

We must remember because this might be happening again and we don't dare stand by and become the things we hate when we look away.

We will use our voices to tell their stories.

We will remember this horrible past to make a better future, for a better today, so we can be better people together.

We remember, on this day and everyday, we remember.

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Welcome to the Student Center

Welcome to the Hoboken School Based Youth Services Student Center!

Our goal at the Student Center is to provide students with the skills and tools needed to overcome challenges, develop a healthy sense of self, and build strong positive relationships with peers, family, school, and community members. We strive to promote academic and social emotional wellness while helping students navigate their day to day.

The Student Center staff has a ton of fun and engaging activities coming up for the month of February. Stay tuned for our "I’m Empowered" and "Navigating Life as a Teen" groups! Both groups will be held every Wednesday for 8 weeks. We will also be facilitating a “I Matter Because…” event in the main lobby on February 13th during 5th and 6th periods. Be on the lookout for more information in the next few weeks!

SBYSP is sponsoring Friday Nights at the Nest. This is an opportunity for Hoboken High School Students to connect with other students, sharpen their skills, and have a safe and secure place to spend their Friday nights. Our next Night at the Nest is February 3rd, 2023. We will have our Open Gym night as well as our Artists Guild. For Hoboken High School Students interested in participating in any upcoming scheduled Friday Nights At the Nest Events, sign up using the HHS Student Center QR Code or with a Student Center Team Member. Completing this form is a commitment to attend. If you have three No-Shows without prior notice you will no longer be able to attend.

Participation Instructions:

1. Register in advance

2. Swipe your High School ID

a. Hoboken High School Students Only STRICTLY ENFORCED

3. Enter no later than 7:30 PM

4. Agree to leave at 10:00 PM (no re-entry)

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Hello from Mr. Perez's Science Classes

Science Explorations

Students in Science Explorations are currently learning about marine and coastal

systems which entails ocean chemistry, surface and thermohaline currents, down and

upwelling currents, ocean zones, and causes of ocean pollution and how to remedy

those current global problems. By learning how ocean systems work, students can

learn how they affect the atmosphere and global climate change.

Animal Science & Aquaponics/Hydroponics

Students are completing their final project about European animals in the Animal

Science class. This class is currently transitioning towards the second half of the year in

Aquaponics/Hydroponics where students are currently learning and testing how their

systems will work to grow plants correctly and efficiently.

AP Environmental Science

Students are in the middle of learning about the importance of demography of the

human population and the resources required for sustainability. Students are analyzing

data of birth rates, death rates, doubling time, and age structure diagrams to compare

developed versus developing countries' needs. Students are also examining why birth

and deaths rates are so different between these two types of countries through the lens

of economic, social, and technological means.

Ms. Troutman's Pre AP

Pre-AP English I

Ms. Troutman’s English I students demonstrated their knowledge of the themes, characters, and conflicts in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian through the creation and presentation of a one pager. The one pager is a visual representation of key ideas, characters, and themes and the content indicates a thorough understanding of the text.

Following the students’ presentation, we embarked on the next unit that focuses on pivotal words and phrases. Students revisited “What Happened During the Ice Storm” and constructed a found poem, paying particular attention to the arrangement of words and details. They were asked to reflect on their found poems and determine which pivotal words and phrases they refused to cut. This lesson provided a smooth transition into reading prose to better understand the work of the poet. Rasma Hiadri’s “Lottery” provided a unique opportunity for us to see the multiyear journey of a poem--from its origin story to its fine-tuning. As students read “Lottery,” they performed their found poems and spine poems.

This past fall, each student submitted an entry to The New York Times “Coming of Age in 2022” contest. Contestants were asked to create a visual piece that captured the teenage experience in 2022. Out of 3,000 submissions from around the world, Alison Chavez and Tasha Fu received honorable mention!

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Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine Club is excited to share the Fall/Winter Edition of the magazine, which features photography, artwork, poetry, and short stories submitted by Hoboken High School students. The Literary Magazine Club meets every Tuesday in Room 310 after school. Students do not have to be a member of the club to submit their work, but they are encouraged to join.

Please click on the link to access the online version of the magazine.

Literary Magazine Fall/Winter 2022

Mr. Apicella's ELA

English III students are studying the Writing of Walt Whitman and analyzing his poem “I Hear America Singing.” During the nineteenth century, American writers found their own voices and began to produce literature that no longer looked to Europe. Emerson, Thoreau, Poe, Dickinson—each contributed to a recognizably American style, but no one sounded as utterly American as Whitman.

After analyzing Whitman’s poem “I Hear America Singing,” and comparing it to “I, Too” by Langston Hughes, students researched Whitman’s upbringing in Long Island and Brooklyn, NY, finding many inspirations for his writing topics. The lesson concluded with students exercising their own voices by creating their own free verse poem, filling in a template for what they “hear singing” in the world or any aspect of their lives.

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Ms. Tank's Mathematicians

This week on Monday and Tuesday Mrs. Tank's Pre-AP Algebra 1 and Pre-AP Algebra 2 classes took Link it Form B as a mid-year assessment. The Pre-AP Algebra 1 class learned to solve Linear Inequalities and graph them, too. This class also completed their performance task from the College Board with linear equations and applied them to real world situations. The Pre-AP Algebra 2 class learned about how to manipulate algebraic representations and rewrite exponential functions in different equivalent forms but with different bases. Our AP Calculus class learned about the First and second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and reviewed various techniques of integration. They also took a test on integration on Friday. Mrs. Tank's PreCalculus class applied the right triangle concepts to solve real life problems. They also learned to graph the sine cosine curves. They took a quiz on the same two topics and completed sine and cosine curve as a class activity.

Latin American History - Ms. Loughlin

"LatinX History & Culture" studied the East LA high school walkouts of 1968. Through the film "Walkout" and independent research, students made connections to the main protestors and learned about the discrimination against Chicanos or Mexican-Americans. To show off their new knowledge students had the choice to write a persuasive letter to the Attorney General of the United States in 1968 or design a "one-pager" to educate their fellow high school students on the walkouts. This introduction to student organizing will help us make connections to the lunch counter sit-ins of 1960, the Freedom Riders of 1961, and many more in our "Black History & Culture" class in the second semester.

Ms. Simon's Mandarin Classes

This marking period has been a continuation of culture and conversation for our Mandarin students. Mandarin I has been mastering colors, body parts, household items, and where things are. Mandarin II has the travel bug and students are learning countries, professions, air travel and transportation. We celebrated the Chinese New Year with the welcoming of the year of the rabbit. We learned about the Chinese zodiac and what each of the 12 animals represent, traditions, foods, clothing through crafts and videos. We rounded out the week with a feast for both classes combined. Students thoroughly enjoyed all of the foods and treats that symbolize good luck!

Oranges for good luck.

Noodles for longevity.

Dumplings & spring rolls for prosperity and wealth.

Chicken for togetherness.

Vegetables for spring, renewal, energy and progress.

Sweets for a sweet life.

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Driver's Education

The sophomore students are prepped and ready for the MVC written test coming up next week! Here at Hoboken High School, we offer the first step in this multi stage driver licensing system, to obtain a special learner permit. After the student passes the written test, with a score of 80% or higher, the sixteen year old will enroll in an approved behind the wheel driver training course through the NJ Department of Education or a commercial driving school. This week, the students were busy taking practice tests that will help them review and for the big test

We look forward to seeing these students begin their journey to obtain their basic driver license!

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Congratulations to the boys basketball team in their wins over Ferris High School and University Charter High School this week. The Hoboken Boys Basketball Team is currently 11-5 as of 1/27/23. Despite a rash of injuries to as many as 4 starters, the Redwings have managed to win a number of games. As they get healthy this week, Hoboken looks to claim the 2 or 3 seed in group 1 for the state playoffs that begin on 2/20.

The girls basketball team had a nice win over Clifton High School this week to make it 7 in a row. The team also had a solid victory at home against University Charter School on Thursday.

The Hoboken High Swim Team hosted Ferris High School at Hoboken High School on Thursday 1/26/23.

The "Meet of Champions" took place on January 16th, and had three of our swimmers qualify based on their "best times:" Jared Lee, Mara Reba, and Gabby Garcia. Mara Reba placed 7th overall in the 200 Freestyle. Jared Lee and Gabby Garcia beat their best time when competing in the 100 Breaststroke with over 20 swimmers. The team will compete in Counties on Sunday, January 29th against all schools in the HCIAL!
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Ms. Amatucci's Artists

The photography class entered the Jostens photography Contest with a chance to win prizes from $1000 to $ 50. Each student was able to take pictures that fit one of the categories for the contest.

Below submitted by Nevaeh Teixeira. Zahra Chernicoff, Alvin Rivera, Valentina Fitzpatrick, Valeria Garcia, and Faith Anorve-Gutierrez

Photography classes used the program Adobe Photoshop to create MLK posters in honor of the holiday. They incorporated a layer mask and a double exposure as part of the assignment requirements.

NEVaeh Teixeira
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Data Privacy Week - January 22-28

This was Data Privacy Week, when we remind all Redwings to protect their personal information and to lock down their logins by using strong passwords.Check out the article below and become an online privacy snob by keeping your data private.
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Technology Assistance

This link can help you address some of the frequently asked questions during the first weeks of school, Hoboken Public Schools Parent Tech Site.