Exploring Forensics Project

Due May 6th


You will create something that can teach others about a subtopic in the area of forensics. We want to be able to post what you have created on our classroom blog. The topic or theme should be focused on an area with depth and complexity in forensics.

Helpful Links:

Depth and Complexity

Digital products Ideas List (right hand side)

Product Ideas List (think "forensics" as you read the list)

Step 1 Decide on Topic & Product (Complete the form today)

Decide on your topic, the area of depth and complexity that you will focus on, and what type of product you would like to create. Complete the form below:

Step 2 Create your Rubric

Create a rubric for your product using Rubistar. Set up an account and begin your rubric. Keep it simple with no more than 5 categories and one of those areas has to be how you displayed your topic knowledge with depth and complexity.


Step 3 Work on your project and finalize