Tradition lives on... Southside is on the Kids' Side!

May 2, 2016

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According to the sign-in sheets for the Southside County Fair we had an attendance of 545 people!!!


What an amazing night... Excellent music program (Thank you, Ms. Cowperthwait)... Wonderful games and activities (Thank you, teachers)...Productive book fair (Thank you, Mrs. Rebecca and Mrs. Regina)... Thank you One School One Book Committee and Mrs. Bridges for planning such a wonderful night.

It truly makes my heart happy to see so many families come and participate! Southside is a wonderful place to be!


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Message from the Boss...

Instructional Days left: 18

Let's make every day count. An engaged student is less likely to be a discipline problem. Change your perception: How would you like for your class to be structured if you were the student in the seat? Make the most of every day!

BAM! Do you have a BAM attitude? Do you have a BAM classroom? (Great wisdom from Principal Kalefe)

An extraordinary classroom is a BAM classroom. That is a classroom that speaks and communicates. It is the class that invites the students to come inside because great things are happening inside. BAM! The teacher is greeting the students and welcoming them into the room. The student knows that they are in a special place where they can be themselves and learn all they can learn. The teacher has paid attention to what the students will feel, hear and experience while in that room. There is an emphasis on acknowledging, celebrating and recognizing every student in the classroom. BAM! All challenges that a student may feel outside of the classroom may be checked at the door. The student feels special and feels as if they can SOAR in your classroom! BAM! How can you make your students feel this way?

Your mindset and attitude greatly influences your BAM classroom. How do you walk into your classroom? Are you there to win? Do your students feel your enthusiasm or are you just counting down the days? Do you want to win the game? Your competition in your classroom is not your students, but it is the poor attitudes that your students may bring to class? How can your students SOAR if the attitude of the room is toxic? Instead, make believers out of your students. Give them a sense of purpose. Lead them to a vision of excellence. Demonstrate your compassion for them. Respect them. Be fair with them. Even though we only have 23 instructional days left...I don't see it as only 23 days, but....

BAM! - We still have some great days ahead.... Let's make them memorable!

Just a few reminders:

  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast will be May 13th 7:30 in Media Center
  • Gwatney Chevrolet is coming Thursday, May 19th to cook for us in appreciation of all we do!
  • CHS Graduation May 20th- Line 89 and 2:00 dismissal
  • May 23 will be EOY celebrations
  • May 24 2:00 dismissal
  • May 25 2:00 dismissal
  • May 26 PD day- District Meeting and teacher sign out

Hope everyone has a restful weekend!

Love you,

Casey Hanna

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Annual Review Conferences


If the above sign is posted on room 101, please do not enter to use the microwave, get cleaning supplies or other supplies. Conferences are being held. They are not only confidential but cause a disturbance when others walk-in.

Thank you!



Fitness Frenzy Week!

2- Kindergarten

3-1st grade

4-2nd grade

5-3rd grade

6-4th grade

2-Fire Drill

5-RTI-Retention Meeting

10-RTI-Retention Meeting

10th-12th Casey at Master Principal

13- Volunteer Breakfast

19- Gwatney coming to cook lunch for us

20- 4th grade Survivor Day

CHS Graduation 2:00 dismissal

23- End of year class parties

24- 2:00 dismissal

25- 2:00 dismissal- Last Day of School

26- District Meeting and Sign out for the Summer PD


On May 19, 2016, from 8:30 – 11:00 am or from 1:00 – 2:30 pm, graduating seniors dressed in cap and gown will be visiting campuses to present Life Impact Diplomas. The senior will read a note to the person he or she feels has made a difference in his/her life before presenting the diploma.


May 2nd- Kindergarten

May 3rd- 1st grade

May 4th- 2nd grade

May 5th- 3rd grade

May 6th- 4th grade