Team Explore

Adventure begins here...

Team Colors

Blue and Yellow


To encourage students to explore not only through their education but also through team building and community involvement.


We strive to encourage our diverse group of students to make meaningful decisions and develop strong problem-solving techniques. Our goal is to focus on the success of all students through exposure to Technology, Life and Career Skills, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Citizenship.

Team Members

Team Roles

Team Leader: This teacher is a teacher with excellent leadership ability. They will assist all teachers on the team with lesson planning, classroom instruction techniques and strategies. They will also research new ways to

Team Recorder: This person will be a teacher that possesses strong note-taking capabilities. The responsibilities for this teacher will involve keeping records of the meetings, as well as the recommended solutions to any issues as voted on by the team. This person will also assist in the fulfillment of any paperwork deemed necessary based on the team’s recommendations.

Team Tech Specialist: This person will be a teacher, or former teacher, whose job is to handle all of the schools technology. This person will be responsible for tracking data on students and reporting the data to the team. This person will also assist the group in installation of any new software, software updates, and also training on the use of any software. In addition, this person will actively search out free applications that the teachers would be able to utilize in their classrooms.

Team Principal: This person will be an administrator that will need to participate in the team meetings regarding student behavior issues. This person will have the ability to approve changing student’s schedules to prevent problems between students from escalating. This person will also strive to find ways to resolve student issues in a way that keeps students in the classrooms as much as possible, while ensuring that all other students and teachers are in a safe environment.

Team Assistants: These members will participate to assist any other team members as needed. These members will participate in meetings and offer suggestions on improvements in all areas.

Team Rules for Students

  1. Students will be on time for class

  2. Students will come to class prepared (book, notebook, homework)

  3. Students may use electronic devices only when directed by teachers

  4. Students will not sue intimidation, harassment, threats, or bullying towards other students or teachers (This includes both physically or through the use of electronic devices)

Discipline Policy

Not being prepared / Tardy to class (unexcused/without a pass):

1st offense – Lunch Buddy to make up work missed.

2nd offense – Silent Lunch

3rd offense – Parent Contact and Lunch Detention

4th offense – Parent Contact to schedule a conference.

Using electronic device without permission:

1st offense – Silent Lunch. Device will be taken and parent will be contacted to pick it up.

2nd offense – Lunch Detention. Device will be taken and parent will be contacted to pick it up.

3rd offense – ISS. Device will be taken and parent will be contacted to schedule a conference and pick it up.

4th offense – OSS Detention. Device will be taken and parent will be contacted to schedule a conference and pick it up.

Harassment / Bullying /Intimidation:

1st offense – Lunch Detention

2nd offense – ISS. Parent will be contacted for a conference.

3rd offense – OSS. Parent will be contacted to schedule a conference.

Subsequent offenses will result in a hearing and could result in expulsion.

Grading Policy

A: 100-90

B: 89-80

C: 79-70

D: 69-60

F: 60-0