Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade - Week 12

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I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebrations with your friends and family.

We experienced our first Thanksgiving here in the USA, including the delights of Black Friday!!

What's been happening...What's happening next week?

Reading: This week we began our Poetry unit. We have been reading lots of different poems and have been developing our understanding of how to read poems out loud using the punctuation. We have also been identifying rhyming patterns, similes and metaphors. Next week we will be continuing to look at the author's use of figurative language. Some children have been bringing in their favorite poems to read aloud or have been writing their own!

Writing: We will be starting to write our own poems next week. Children will be expected to use figurative language to write some free verse and rhyming poems. They will then perform their poems to the rest of the class.

Math: This week week focused on interpreting and creating different types of charts. The class gathered their own data and presented in the form of a vertical bar graph and a horizontal picture graph. They have done a fantastic job with this. We then collected data from the whole of 3rd grade to present in a graph of their choice. Next week, the class will be working on answering questions by interpreting the data and comparing graphs with different scales/intervals. At the end of next week we will also be doing some work on number patterns.

Social Studies: This week we have started to look at communities. We have been discussing how the United States has changed since 1802 and the reasons why. We have also identified the different time zones in the USA and learned about the Louisiana Purchase. Next week we will be working on why people live in the areas they do. For example, why one person would live in a busy city and another person would live in the wilderness.


Take a look at our fantastic bar graphs we completed this week. We worked on changing the scale/increments to represent different sets of data.
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Information for you

  • HOLIDAY SHOP - Next week the class will get the opportunity to visit the Christmas Holiday Shop. The first visit will allow them to look at the possible items they would like to buy. We will then visit the shop on December 11th to purchase our gifts. Please send in any money you wish your child to spend in a zip bag with their name on it. This way, any change they receive can be sent home safely.
  • SNOWMAN SWEETS - Snowman sweets are now on sale in 1st grade. They are 25c each or 4 for $1. Again, please send in your order form as well as the money.
  • CAMP THUNDERBIRD - Please send in your $25 deposit for the Camp Thunderbird trip as soon as possible. Thank you.

Star of the Week

Ethan is our Star of the Week! He has worked hard this week on all of his assignments and has completed them to a super standard. Ethan is a well-mannered boy and respectful towards others. Thank you for being a star Ethan! And thank you for teaching me how to draw Dinosaurs! Your picture was definitely better than mine!!
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Table of the Week

This table has been chosen for a second time. They work really well as a team and have been first ready when asked to tidy up. Thank you to all the children on this table: Timothy, Jacob, Jessica and Melissa!
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Holiday Party

We have been planning our Holiday Party in class this week. The children have decided they would like to come in their Pajamas (optional), watch a movie (Home Alone 2) and have snacks/popcorn and drinks. I am checking with Mr Broome that we will be able watch a movie on this day. We will also play a few games and make some cards/gifts during the week. I will be sending a letter home with the children with these details on. I will also be sending out an email with a link to Sign Up Genius. If you are an approved volunteer and would like to help set up decorations/food etc, please contact me. We would love to have you help out on our classroom.
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Camp Thunderbird Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 6:30pm

5627 Poplin Rd

Indian Trail, NC

Please come along to the meeting about Camp Thunderbird. Any questions or concerns can be raised at the meeting and you will also learn about what the children will be doing during the couple of days they are there. We look forward to seeing you at this meeting.
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