California: The Golden State

Paulvos D. Fuller Junior

Famous state

California is one of the many most famous states in North America. Unlike other states, it has almost the most natural disasters on the entire continent.

California the state of gold

California is the U.S. third largest state.It's called the Golden State because prospectors in California find gold in the Sutter Creak.
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California: western location

California is one of the southwestern states in the country.It's Population is 38.8 million people.California has the most people than any other state in the U.S.
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Famous landmark: Golden Gate bridge

California's most famous landmark is the Golden Gate bridge.This bridge took millions of dollars to build.It got it's name because it shines at golden at sunset.
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Disaster Strikes

California has natural disasters.One natural disaster is earthquakes.About 10,000 of them happen in the south region of California each year.15 to 20 have a magnitude greater than 4.0.Another natural disaster is forest fires.Forest fires mainly start when some campers make a fire and it burns the forest or when lightning hits the trees.
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Theme parks

Like Orlando, FL, California has the same theme parks such as Legoland, Sea World, and national studios.