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Moving Right Along...

I hope everyone is having a great week. We are now half-way to our next due date. Some folks are moving right along. Everyone else, you want to get going. No-one likes completing things last minute. It's stressful.
To help you know what needs to be completed, I have included the schedule for this 2 week due date. Please have all the work in by midnight Thursday, March 24. Or you could surprise your parents by getting it in sooner!

Be sure to check the titles to be sure that you are looking at your correct schedule.

Help Sessions

To help you with the work, each week I have live help sessions via Adobe Connect. They are normally on Tuesdays, but next week I will be at a wedding Tuesday night. I will hold the live session on Monday at 7:00pm.

This week I will be discussing correlation and regression and any other topic you send me.

Below is the recording from this past Tuesday.