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A Virtual Start

We are's what that means

September 8th will be a start to school like we have never experienced. We will miss the energy that first day brings to us, both for students and staff. And yet, I'm sure we will still all be a little nervous.

Parents will get an email on Monday with directions for setting up an account in Powerschool (if they don't have one) to prepare for Tuesday when the Parent Portal opens. Once teachers are known, parents can go to the teachers' website to find out the codes for the Virtual Open House at 2:30 PM on 9/2. This will be for a quick meet/greet. The district will also send out a communication to parents for getting ready for the virtual online school start up. This should come at the end of the day on 9/3.

Distance Learning will look different than it did in the spring. The teachers will be teaching live with your child during the school day. Students are expected to log on so that the teachers can take attendance and work with them. Your child will need to have the camera on while working with the teacher to ensure engagement and participation. If your child isn't present for the lesson, they will be marked absent. In the spring, during asynchronous learning, parents had to complete a form. Parents no longer need to do that, but your child must be on to be marked present. If you would like to know more about virtual learning and find support, please click here.

Below please find information regarding the schedule. The classroom teacher will send out more information regarding the specific instruction occurring during the periods. Each classroom will have a related arts block for live music, art, physical education, technology, or library.

I am hoping that some of the information will help both you and your child to understand what our day will look like and what the expectations will be.

Mrs. Barbara Binford

Building Schedule Grades 1-4

Kindergarten Times

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Preschool Times

Tips for an At Home Workspace

In the spring, every home was quickly transformed into a classroom. The transition was fast and the length was uncertain. I felt that the spring for me and our home was about plugging along, following the virtual plans, and juggling work space. My children were working in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and even outside. I found myself in corners and almost resorted to the closet.

One of the benefits of being in school is being able to offer students a workspace of their own. They have a desk or table, materials just for them, lockers, cubbies, baskets, etc. So, going into this fall I tried to learn from the spring and mimic their school space if I could. One of the biggest lessons I took away was to separate them if possible. Putting them near one another caused distractions and off task behavior. I found small spots in the house that will be just for them to work. I went on Pinterest and looked at set ups and do's and don'ts. I wanted to share some of the advice I've found:

  • Find a table/chair that fits your child. I learned that our swirling office chair wasn't a good match for us. My youngest son spun dizzily around. A stable chair will offer back support and a ball is great for building the core and getting out some energy.
  • Organize materials around them. With a trip to the dollar store, I gathered baskets for paper/journals, little containers to hold crayons, and cups to hold pencils and markers. Don't forget pencil sharpeners and erasers too. Keep the materials that the teacher requested for supplies in that area. Consider the backpack on the back of the chair for putting books in, if space is tight, or it gets too cluttered.
  • Many of the lessons require specific times to log on. Consider purchasing or using a clock and labeling the times for logging on.
  • Make sure they have sufficient light so that their eyes aren't strained. Natural light is best, if possible. But, be careful of outside distractions, like squirrels and birds.

In my own exploration, I came across this video. This person turned a room's corner into the perfect learning space for her child. For district suggestions/guidelines click here. I hope this helped:)

Don't Forget to Sign Up for Material Distribution

Sign up for Student Materials Distribution

Student materials will be available for pick-up on 9/1/20. Please choose a convenient time.

Virtual Open House

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 2:30pm

This is an online event.

When you are given your child's teacher on 9/1, please go to their website to get the code for the Virtual Open House with them.

Technology Support


  • If you need technology help, please email:

  • If you need instructional assistance, please email your classroom teacher.