Panda Post

Issue #14

Classroom News

5 more school days in 2015! Can you believe it? This week will be a little hectic as we try to wrap up all of the things we have been working on the past few weeks. Each day during reading, our class will visit the other 2nd grade classrooms to do activities for the Polar Express! On Wednesday we will watch the Polar Express movie to compare and contrast the two versions. To fully enjoy this fun experience, students are permitted to wear pajamas!

Our winter party is this Friday, December 18th, at 1:35pm. To reduce wait times in the office, please send back the RSVP with your Driver's License number so the office can pre-print your visitor pass. If you plan to bring food or drinks with you, please send back the letter to let me know! That way, we don't end up with too many of the same thing. An important but often overlooked item is plates!

My students now have access to the website with their own account! This is an awesome website for reading practice. Please feel free to access it at home. Simply click on "student log-in" and you will be prompted to enter a teacher username. Mine is Brittanycolabrese. Then students can click on their name and type in their password (lunch number).

Please continue to practice subtraction with "borrowing" at home!

Next Week

Spelling words (long 'o' sound, spelled o, oa, and ow): old, know, road, cold, grow, hold, low, told, own, coat

Continue reviewing sight words that we have worked on so far this year.

Upcoming Events

12/15: Rene's birthday

12/16: Polar Express! Wear Pajamas!

12/18: Last day of school in 2015; Winter Party

12/20: Clarissa's birthday